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Janet Neal
Janet Neal Founder & Queen Bee, The Superbwoman, Inc.
7mo Montclair, NJ, United States Story
My Evil Twin, Karl - and the joys of Sweat Pants

Karl Lagerfeld, who recently passed away, and I had a lot in common. Both had white hair worn in a stylish ponytail. Both loved Paris. Both wore distinctive eyeglasses. 

Ok, that's where the commonalities end. I read that he said, "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." Yeah...not with you, Karl.

Last week I was exhausted after a non-stop prior week, including airline travel - the joys of which are outlined in my article, When Listening to Dead Men is a Good Idea. And so when a snowy day started a string of cancellations of meetings for the day, I put on my sweatpants. I hadn't worn them all year. And, now being relaxed and cozy, I just couldn't go out at all. And I was happy.

Sometimes you just have to go for the sweats. You have to know yourself, and when it is time to take a break - and to ALLOW yourself time to take a break. 

Even if you are committing a major fashion faux pas. 

Here's wishing you cozy days and marching to your own beat!!

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Janet Neal
Founder & Queen Bee, The Superbwoman, Inc.

Janet Neal is a “reformed superwoman” who believes women have the power to change the world - when they realize it. Her company, The Superbwoman, Inc., helps women to do that. As a coach, speaker and trainer, Janet draws on her experiences in education, in corporations, and as an entrepreneur. [...]

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