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Mrs Lynn Robinson


I'm TOTALLY SHOCKED THAT YOU, Donald Trump even won the election, but now we know WHY & HOW!!! Every word that has come out of your mouth from day 1 has been a LIE & I truly believe you don't know how to tell the TRUTH, You ARE WORSE Than A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. I hate that people in my family that are in the military have to even serve under you & that is why so many military people are getting out & I can't blame 'em. You need to be IMPEACHED & JAILED For ALL YOU Have PUT THIS COUNTRY THROUGH. As you said to Hillary, lock her up, well you should have the CELL NEXT TO HER, but as Mrs Obama said, YOU HAVE WENT LOW, but US THE UNITED STATES, WILL GO HIGH & LOOK DOWN ON YOU!!! I feel bad for your wife, SHE IS THE MOST UNHAPPY LOOKING 1st LADY WE HAVE EVER HAD, I DON'T BLAME HER, HELL, I WOULD STAY IN NEW YORK ALSO, SMART LADY IN MY BOOK!!! I figured it out why you TWEET SO EARLY IN THE MORNING, ITS 'CAUSE You SLEEP ALONE AT NIGHT, UNLESS YOU Have SO POOR PERSON TIPPING AT NIGHT!!! I also know why YOU R ROBBING THE COUNTRY GOING To FL., U R AFRAID SOMEONE Will C OR HEAR You  SKEAMING W/YOUR BUDDIES ABOUT ALL Your LIES. 


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