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wmchandler W.M. Chandler
7mo Boise, ID, United States Story
Moving On: Can I Take That With Me?

Moving out of your first home can be very exciting, but it can also be a little unsettling to move away from the first place that you owned and found sanctuary. There is something refreshing about looking forward to new coats of fresh paint, decorating a new living room, or putting together a new outdoor living area for you and your family. However, there are some things that you just aren’t comfortable leaving behind when you move. Great news is that you can take these items with you. 

The Magic Toaster

If your new home isn’t equipped with up to par appliances the way that your previous home was, consider hiring a mover to bring them over to your new house. As long as it isn’t prohibited by your buyer’s agreement, there isn’t any reason that you can’t take that washing machine that your grandma gave you before she moved into assisted living. Appliances are expensive and a long-lasting piece of your homelife. The average dishwasher will last nine years; if you only got two years of use out of your last one, don’t leave that valuable piece of washing power behind!

Stony Surface

The great news is that you don’t have to leave the favorite parts of your old home behind. Remember that first year in your first home, when you decided to put in granite countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms? If you have incredible granite countertops that you loved and you feel would look great in your new home, hiring a contractor to remove, recut, and install them in your new home may be significantly cheaper than purchasing new ones. You just have to make sure the square footage of the countertops of your old kitchen or bathroom versus the new one matches up. 

You can then replace the vacant surfaces with countertops from an upcycled home furnishing store near you for a fraction of the cost. You could also ask the buyers of your home if they have plans of installing new countertops themselves. You may be saving them a step in the process by just leaving them surfaceless and easily available for the new installment. 

Chasing Waterfalls

You know that beautiful coy pond in your backyard that you put together over a painstakingly long summer? Are you really going to leave your fish behind? Plus, they are your dog’s best friends! Just like an aquarium, you worked hard on providing a safe and beautiful environment for you and your fish to enjoy. Moving your fish is a completely viable option and one to consider before passing them along to the next homeowners. 

If you have planned accordingly, your new home will have a pond that you can transfer them to. You will want to re-evaluate the size of your new pond and the amount of water to make sure that you have the right pump for your pond, proper pH, and nutrients in the water. Moving can be just as traumatizing to the fishes as it can be for a young child. It is shocking, jarring, and requires a high level of adaption that they didn’t plan for. Attempt to make the transition as easy as possible on your little fish friends and any other pets you may be moving

Don’t feel silly about wanting to move some of your large home items with you. Whether you are moving across the country or just a few blocks away, transferring the comfort you find in some of the things that made your previous house a home to you is totally doable, and will likely save you a little bit of money. 

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W.M. Chandler

W.M. Chandler is a Colorado native and works best with her head in the clouds. She is an avid researcher and enjoys writing about unfamiliar subjects. She writes passionately about nature and the outdoors, human connections and relationships, nutrition and politics.

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