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TabithaBritt CEO & Founder of DO YOU ENDO
27d New York, NY, United States Story
Moguls Interview: Learning How to Network in New York City With MoxxieMade Co-Founder Megan Shekleton

It's hard networking in the city, especially if you're a woman or an out-of-towner who's just trying to find her bearings. Thankfully, Megan Shekleton, the co-founder of the MoxxieMade community–a badass coalition of courageous New York women, is on a mission to change that. 

Mogul: MoxxieMade is all about community, mentorship, and creating genuine connections. Where did the nugget of inspiration for this idea come from? 

Megan: "I am originally from Arizona, and when I moved to the city, I found it difficult to meet like-minded women who become your NYC family and support system. Additionally, this city is filled to the brim of badass women doing incredible things, but oftentimes, mentorship seems inaccessible. We all want to live rich and full lives, but as an adult, it is really the first time in your life, you realize you don’t get a clear roadmap to fulfillment. So, sisterhood and mentorship become even that much more important." 

Photo credit: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Megan: "In New York, 66 percent of NY women moved to the city without a close community, and 21 percent of women admit that they still don’t have a close network today. Additionally, 88% of New York millennial women don’t have a mentor but would like one. So, MoxxieMade was created to bring together a community of women to connect, gain holistic mentorship and encourage one another to after the big dreams placed on our hearts."

Mogul: "MoxxieMade" is a unique name–how'd that come about? 

Megan: "The word 'moxie' is meant to describe someone who is full of courage and determination. So, MoxxieMade is meant to highlight that all women are made of moxxie - courage, determination, endless potential. We chose to include two 'x’s' in our name as a nod to two XX chromosomes for the female sex. In our logo, the x’s are unified together to symbolize our courageous community of women."

Photo credit: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Megan: "At MoxxieMade, we believe that fearlessness doesn’t exist. Doubt, imposter syndrome, and worry are emotions that will show up when you are expanding into a bigger version of yourself and really going after what you want into your life. However, we all have the potential to act courageously in spite of that fear. Through our community and the mentorship we provide, we hope that women are invigorated to go towards their definition of fulfillment and in doing so, open up to their most authentic self." 

Mogul: How do you choose who presents during MoxxieMade your panel events? 

Megan: "One of our values is that all women deserve a seat at the table. All women hold value and wisdom from experiences to share. So, it is important to us when selecting our highlighted panelists to ensure we are curating a wide range of different backgrounds, different industries, and different perspectives to cultivate the most meaningful and insightful conversations and provide true mentorship to our community." 

Mogul: MoxxieMade is known for taking a "holistic approach" to professional development–what exactly does that mean? 

Megan: "We believe a fulfilled life is an integrated life. It’s the intersection of professional, personal and spiritual fulfillment and growth. Because of this, we take a holistic approach to our content - blending personal, spiritual, and professional development. We believe that when the personal and spiritual are flourishing, outward success is in lock-step." 

Photo credit: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Megan: "The topics we choose to discuss bridge all industries, and instead, our conversations are meant to spark soul-growth. We have curated conversations around 'how to define your purpose' to 'the barriers to self-love' to 'how to live a passion-filled life.' We ask our panelists that tough questions that we all ask ourselves and encourage them to be vulnerable and real in their answers. In doing so, we hope to create this really intimate space where women realize we are all in together- experiencing the same challenges and holding the same potential. Comparison is a natural thing humans do. And, oftentimes, it’s easy to compare yourself to the badass female speakers and believe that they have something you don’t. But in reality, the same potential you recognize in them, you have in yourself. They just acted courageously despite their fears and self-imposed limitations. And you can too!"

Mogul: Cocktails X Conversations is a smaller, more conversational event, which is great for introverts like me. What can attendees expect to gain from these smaller events? Would they receive the same amount (or access to) mentorship and networking opportunities (when compared to the Supper Series)?

Megan: "At MoxxieMade, we currently have two types of events - Supper Series and Cocktails and Conversations. Both events are intentionally designed to drive connection and mentorship in different ways and at different price points. Accessibility to our mission is really important to us so that’s why we have created different touchpoints for women to choose from."

Photo credit: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Megan: "The Supper Series - which is a curated dinner party centered around a soul growth or holistic topic featuring wisdom from some of NY’s most notable females. At this event, we kick it off with a cocktail hour and then, followed by a panel conversation. Then, our speakers sit with our community - sharing a meal and connecting. Whereas, Cocktails and Conversations is exactly as it sounds. At this event, women have the opportunity to form connections during the cocktail hour and receive actionable action and wisdom during the panel conversation. Some of my favorite conversations have been at Cocktails x Conversations events. We partnered with PureWow to host a conversation on the definition of beauty and how cultural norms make us question our 'otherness' with some powerhouses in the beauty industry driving inclusivity - Jenny Jin of PureWow, Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics, Liah Yoo, and Stephanie Flor. Or our Cocktails x Conversations with LIVELY on self-love was incredible."

Mogul: Could you tell us a little more about your volunteer opportunities?

Megan: "Sure! We are always looking for women who identify with our mission to get involved in building this incredible community with us. We have two amazing Community Leads, Laura Greathouse and Taara Sajnani, who are amazing at aligning our volunteers’ interests with opportunities in the organization. Go to to find out more."

Photo credit: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Mogul: What are the MadeofMoxxie Awards? 

Megan: "Our #MadeofMoxxie Awards are a time where we take a moment to celebrate the women who exemplify our mission of building community and invigorating courage."

Mogul: When is your next event? 

Megan: "We will be amping up our programming in the late Summer and early Fall. Be sure to sign up for our emails at our website or follow us on IG to stay up to date."

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