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Message to Trump #ReadMyLips

I voted you in office, and I have high hopes for your help.  Please make sure you do the bare minimum in office:

Secure the US for safety.

Make sure that jobs are secure for those who want and need them.

Make sure that decent health care is very affordable, and does not require two jobs to pay for it.

Make sure that individual states, cities and counties provide enough safety to its citizens so they can sleep at night.  (start with Aiken, SC)  My neighborhood has gone to pot literally. Tired of gun shots, screaming people and thugs walking the road and terrorizing good citizens.

Do all those things, and you can pat yourself on the back and say, "Well done!"  Anything beyond that is gravy!  #ReadMyLips  #bigthanks

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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1 comment

  • Sasha Blemming
    7mo ago

    Sometimes it can be hard to admit voting for Trump - I am glad you did!

    Sometimes it can be hard to admit voting for Trump - I am glad you did!

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