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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Whitfield 95 Allison Cherise Whitfield
27d Atlanta, GA Story

It’s Not Just Being Still, It’s a Journey

I Find a Quiet Place

Early in the morning, I start by sitting in a straight-backed chair. Eyes closed, feet planted flat on the floor, hands folded on my lap, and ears listening to a quiet stillness. Whenever a thought pops up, I say, “Quiet.” Thoughts flow in from my previous day’s activities and onto my possible future for today, tomorrow and beyond. But for each thought, I say, “Quiet.” It takes only a few moments until the thoughts dwindle down to none. Then I begin to breathe deeply.

With each breath, I feel light-headed. The space behind my eyes comes into focus and I feel slightly dizzy, but pleasant. I can feel my body getting lighter as if floating, and it begins to move very subtlety from side to side. In the darkness of my vision, with eyes still closed, shadows and colors begin to appear. I can feel my inner self moving more rapidly now, sometimes in a vortex, sometimes forward, backward or even sideways. I know deep down that I’m being moved to my next projection of life through time and space. It makes no sense, but it makes perfect sense.

With each solid color that appears for an instant, I say, “Hello Mr. Blue”, or “Mr. Green” or “Mr. Red”. The colors respond by shimmering even more brightly. Pulsating in and out of focus. I say “Take me home” and at that moment, I find myself drifting inside a floating space away from my body. Within this space I see more shadows and shapes moving about among waves of colors. Every once in a while, a color would approach me enticing me to breathe in a deep breath. As I do, I understand that I’m receiving love, wisdom, and light from my friends who are helping me through this life. I call them angels, and I know that they love and care for me.

Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgement

As I continue to breathe, each breath takes me higher drifting towards a radiant light shining down from above me. As I float upward, I can feel my inner being become grateful for all that has occurred in my life. I feel such love and gratitude for all the gifts I have been given and all the gifts to come. My eyes tear up with the fullness of it all and the thanksgiving is true and abundant. I can feel my Chakra’s opening and the energy flows freely in and out and all around me. Then I’m once again encouraged to breathe deeply and I can feel the moving energy healing my entire self-being.

It’s such ecstasy that I don’t want to return. I’m home and safe and I know everything is as it should be at this moment. There is no past or future, only now and it has always been now. Time doesn’t exist, only space and love, and that space is eternal. As I continue to breathe deeply, I know in my heart that everything is connected. My life’s path coincides with everyone else’s and together, just as a tsunami grows, we are all growing into a force of light which will explode with love, freedom, and life. The Universal plan is on course, and mankind, as well as all of life, the planets, and the stars are joining in a dance of unity and love. We are as one.

Sometimes, There’s a Message

Somehow, as I become settled into the light which engulfs me, I know that I can ask questions about what’s happening in my life. When I do, sometimes I can hear the answer clearly and with no doubts. I believe what I hear, and understand that I am being answered truthfully and with love. Most of the answers are three or four words, but they are exactly what I need at the time. I hear words such as, “Go with the flow”, “All is well”, “Yes, it is done”, “It is as it should be”.

Just these short answers seem to ring true and I believe them. The words are spoken powerfully and without hesitation, but with no sound. The unheard voice is trusted and true. I’ve only heard it a few times, but each time was essential to my course at that moment. I know that when I need to actually hear its essence, it will be there to encourage me. I can hear it with my entire being, not with my ears. The experience is impossible to describe.

Returning to Self

Finally, when it’s time, I feel myself coming back to my body safe and sound. Around me flows time and space once again, just as I’d left it, only now I’m in a new place in which to operate. Even though things look the same, it’s somehow different and filled with opportunity and I’m shown a clearer path towards my purpose. I know that I am a part of this Universal vision and I’m here at the right time and place to accomplish my mission. My heart is opened wider and I see things differently.

I begin to feel my body again, and it feels healthy and strong. I know that I am capable of anything and that my dreams and wishes along with my faith have been guided and cultivated to enhance this earthly experience. I’m headed in the right direction and my heart has once again been filled with hope for mankind. I believe that the darkness is almost over as more and more people begin to experience this change, this awakening. The light has everything in hand, the darkness will eventually fade to black.

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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Cherise Whitfield

Allison C Whitfield, author of "The Shelter of the Shade Tree", is a Freelance writer who creates articles describing the unconventional for those who wish to explore new ideas and new challenges. She has had 30 + years of experience in Office Administration and Customer Service. She is also a [...]

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