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tonybowles Contributing Editor
9mo New York City, NY, United States Story
Marcel Ostertag Presents Fall/Winter 2017 Collection During NYFW

Marcel Ostertag celebrated his brand's 10th anniversary by showcasing women with a revolution. Using speech excerpts from Emma Watson at the UN and "A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan, Ostertag focused on the strength of women in society as well as a unified and mutual respect between the citizens of all nations.With his designs, he manages to make every single wearer feel unique, extravagant, and yet grounded. Ostertag uses high qualited materials integrated throughout the collection's concept, which are interpreted in a timeless manner.The revolution of Marcel Ostertag takes place in reducing speed. Due to the fast pace of today's society, you lose the appreciation for a single piece of clothing. The harmony between tradition, modernity, extravagance, and wearabiliy was achieved through the slowing down of the process. The delicate silk materials are ornamented with softly swaying volants and a wonderful flower print in different color variations. The somber and heavy elements of the masculine-inspired coats are interrupted by swinging dresses and draped silk pieces. Thistle is delicately embroidered on cashmere and loaden, with the flower symbolizing revolution. Being beautiful and indestructible at the same time is the message of Ostertag's collection.The collection is sold in 28 countries, yet Ostertag maintains his loyalty to his German manufacturers with the whole collection proudly boasting the Made in Germany title.

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Contributing Editor

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