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Manufacturers Use Activated Bentonite for Transformer Oil Purification

After the hardcore research, professionals can now explain why they use activated bentonite material for transformer oil purification. Many experts recommend the use of activated bentonite to perform oil purification process for old transformer oil enhanced total acidity, breakdown voltage, water content, and flash point. Oil filtration treatment is suitable for aged transformer oil due to its economic and environmental benefits.

In this post, we will discuss about the use of activated bentonite for purification of transformer oil.

Transformers are key equipments used as a heat transfer and insulation medium. Users of transformers can enhance the insulation system in the device by using new high grade dielectric fluids. Manufacturers can design oil immersed distribution transformers with extremely low losses as compared to dry type design.

Transformer oil is a cooling and insulating fluid material that not only fills up the fibrous insulation pores, like paper, but also the gaps and spacing between the winding turns and the tank and winding respectively.

The transformer oil acts as a dielectric and cooling agent for transformer device. Traditionally, people have been including mineral oil, silicon oils, and synthetic esters in the transformer. But lately, environmental friendly sunflower oil is also applied to transformer for specific purposes.

What methods are used by manufacturers to prepare and activate Bentonite?

There are certain steps that manufacturers follow to make and activate bentonite. Here are those steps:

  • They grind raw material Bentonite softly
  • They add concentrated acid to the ground Bentonite
  • They increase the temperature of the mixture up to 70 degrees C. They continuously stir it for half an hour.
  • They allow the mixture to set and cool and then wash through filters for several times and let it dry. They do rinsing till neutralization.
  • They regrind the activated Bentonite material to make fines

Why manufacturers use activation process?

There are two advantages of using activation process. These are as under:

  • Bentonite grain surface area acts as an absorber for suspended matters, impurities, and contaminants of old transformer oil.
  • It replaces calcium, potassium, and sodium with ions of hydrogen in the material lattice structure.

Using old transformer oil could be risky for environment due to many chemical reactions, toxicity, and flammability. To expel contaminants and purify transformer insulating oil, manufacturers perform transformer oil purification process and use activated Bentonite for best results.

If you need details about activated Bentonite, you can write to the experts anytime.

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