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Mandala - The Beautiful Art

By definition, a Mandala is a representation of universe through the spiritual symbolic drawing. This is seen in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and art. A Mandala is a form of art that represents the entire cosmos or a part of it symbolically or metaphysically. The term Mandala is seen mostly in Vedas, specifically Rigveda, in some of its sections. Mandala is used as form of representing nine celestial and holy bodies mentioned in Vedas into one piece of art. In traditions, Mandala is employed to focus attention, a spiritual guidance tool, or for segregating a sacred space. It aids to meditation and trance induction.

Flower Mandala

A flower mandala consists of flowers as main material in making the mandala and then designing the mandala considering various aspects such as keeping a central design with one flower and petals radiate outwards or using wide verity of flowers of different colors, shape and sizes to form a design. Flowers are used to replace the color powder with petals in traditional designs. Designs like Lotus Mandala have a core focus on a spiritual principal and then designs flowing outwards. The Flower Mandala has a continuation of flower circles overlapping each other to form a flower throughout the Mandala.

Use of Flower Mandala- Flower Mandala finds extensive use in meditation, particularly to focus attention and enhance spiritual growth. It gives a chance to one’s creative side to come out. Casually, its design is used in coloring books for all the ages to entertain and relax. This is a great tool for a hobby that adds grace to home décor, temples and even work environment. They make up for excellent gift idea and even interior décor. It can be customized to meet the personal taste and meditative requirements. This also brings peace and calm in general day-to-day life. They can be found on clothes, scarves, and other accessories for design enhancing purpose. A Mandala has a unique design that can be used to represent any material, service or even just a showpiece. This flower mandala design in particular is most useful in festivities and events where it adds to color scheme and overall tone of the place. In Indian tradition, flower Mandala designs are made in Holi, known as festival of colors. 

Meditation, Symbolic Value of Flowers- Different flowers have different meaning attached to them and differ in spiritual values from each other. For most of the people the meaning of flower in a mandala is different but there is symbolism attached with both flower and its color. Using a Lotus Mandala exhumes enlightenment, growth and success through struggle. Red Begonia symbolizes balance between responsibilities and pleasures. It is also used to teach principle of work life balance. When an Orange marigold is used in a Mandala, it represents understanding of correct timing. This mandala can be used in meditation to enhance sense of timing and greater understanding of a correct time to take action. Blue Morning Glory sends a message of peace and grace. Its use in a mandala represents glory and peace and in meditation, it brings a sense of peace and spiritual growth. White Lily symbolizes choice. Its use in Flower Mandala brings about deeper understanding of the choices one makes and its effect on life. It helps one in making right choices. A White Rose is a symbol of love and friendship. When used in Flower mandala, it shows spiritual awakening. It also leads to higher form of awakening and consciousness. A Daffodil is a flower capable of growing even in most adverse circumstances. Its use in a Mandala exhumes hope and love. In meditation, it brings inner strength and changes one’s view of the world to positive sight. 

In such ways, flowers used in Flower mandala can be symbolic to a lot of spiritual principles and have the power to enhance the level of meditation. This also find great use as it inspires unique design elements. 

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