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Vlatko Spasov 71
over 1 year Story
Main Differences Between Online And PC-Install Parkour Games

If you are a gamer, or you want to become one, parkour gamesare going to be one of your favorite genres. Let’s explain why. These games are interactive, fast, interesting, difficult and they offer an amazing level of satisfaction when you complete the level. In simple words, there are no many games that can give you the same level of thrill. As such, playing these games is inevitable. There are two main differences. Online games and those that must be downloaded and installed.

Online games

Some beginners believe that online games are a low-quality alternative that plays only people who aren’t real gamers. This is a mistake, simply because new online games are better than ever. The graphics they feature is very good, the sounds are realistic and there are a lot of features. The key element here is to remember that online games are completely redesigned and upgraded, so they don’t look like older versions.

Yes, you can also save the progress, create an account and share your success. They don’t have to be downloaded, obviously, and they even require a slow internet connection. The bottom line is that you are capable of playing an interesting game without any worries, such as installation, re-installation and etc. Due to the fact the progress and game files are on a server, rather than on your PC, they cannot be lost. If we add the fact that online games are free to play and there are no limitations, they are an even better choice.

Computer games that must be installed

The main difference between online and offline games is in the levels. As we already mentioned, online have great graphics, so offline versions don’t look better. However, they have a lot more levels and offer a lot more customization.

There are some drawbacks. First of all, your game and your progress will be saved on the HDD. No matter which type of a storing memory you use (HDD or SSD), it can get damaged at any given moment. This means that you will lose all your progress, so you must start paying from the beginning! Note: You can use software that monitors the health of the sectors, but this software is expensive and complicated to use.

The prices of these games vary, but some can achieve $250. Obviously, they are advanced games that allow you to compete online. We must add the fact that downloading a game is illegal and you may get a fine!

The bottom line

At the end, we must mention that both types of games are interesting and intuitive. This is the main goal of parkour applications and the actual sport. If you want to try this kind of games, if you are a beginner, trying online versions is more than just recommended. Be careful, though. Most of them are addictive, so you will have to play them for a long period of time. Or until you complete all the levels and bonus missions.

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