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#ThisIsLove: Love, Peace, and Power

What does love look like?

I'm not really big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but this year, as a Muslim-American, my heart was brimming with love and appreciation for my fellow Americans. I was at a recent protest in which I held up a huge sign that read, "Honey I AM home." 

After a while, my arms started to ache, and I put the sign down. Immediately, a woman standing next to me asked if I needed help with the sign. She actually had tears in her eyes as she told me that I belonged here. After her, several other women took turns to hold up the sign with me. Because our hands were occupied, we touched shoulders to show solidarity. This sweet gesture warmed my heart. Ever since the election, I struggled with getting out of this negative space in my head. When I came home, I thought about every single one of those women who stood by me, touched shoulders with me, who cried with me, hugged me, who marched with me; they reminded me of the America I grew up listening to stories about as an immigrant child. Today, this February, 2017, I feel POWERFUL. And I have a message for every protestor, marcher, supporter, and resistor: WE are what makes America great. Love to you all.

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