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Nsikan Akpan
almost 2 years Story
Love for The Diaspora

*Black Girl Writes special:

Black folk

these bones

and souls


like goods and gold...

Welcome to Black Girl Writes, a column where the joys and issues of my people will be brought forth in preferably fewer than five hundred words. My desire is for this platform to open dialogue about the happenings of our community. From black love (aka “Negro Love,” coined by our distinguished poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar) to the various syndromes that are in effect amongst our people due to slavery, segregation, colonialism and imperialism. I do not plan on holding back. However, this column is not all about struggle. We are a joyous people; our laughter moves mountains. I promise to include facts from reliable sources as well as possible remedies.

I started this column because I love my people! Simple as that. HCC is a diverse place of study, but with that, I was in need of a space for black people to discuss the things that are affecting our community in particular—so I created the space! Members of the black Diaspora are spread across the globe, predominantly in the Americas. Brazil has the second largest group of black people in the world; the first country being Nigeria. As a Nigerian-American, my dream is for our many groups on this campus from African-Americans to Afro-Latinos, to West Indians, to continental Africans, to black Europeans—just all of us, okay?—to have a safe zone to connect with one another. I understand that a newspaper is an old fashion source of connection, but since “taking it back” is what our modern day society is all about this platform is the perfect fit.

“The African Diaspora is filled with historically rich information. Our experiences are so rich that it can make us angry, yet proud,” says Chris Chappelle, a musician and teacher at a local private school. “It makes me angry to know that my ancestors were stolen, and brought to Western and European soil to be raped, killed, and sold. But the proud factor is knowing that, in spite of these circumstances, Africans preserved and contributed largely to the world as we know it today.”

So my brothas, sistas, and anyone who is interested in being a part of this column’s journey, I invite you to read and respond. I have a blog (listed below) where you will be able to find most of the Black Girl Writes articles and write in the comment section. Disclaimer: this is not an advice column. I do not know everything. I am mere observer of society with “hair that defies gravity and skin that absorbs the sun.” Consider my articles as a catalyst to open discussion.

this is what happened

to us

and through us

was birthed

nations upon nations.

Africa’s Abrahams,


our descendants as many

as the stars in the sky.

Black gold

they stole

and still,

steal, prod and pry 

Love, Peace, & Coconut Oil,

Nsikan Akpan

*Black Girl Writes is a column for HCC Times, the newspaper at my community college

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