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Little Miss Happy

One thing that my teenage years have taught me is that there is always something to smile and be grateful about, no matter how tough life can be. Balancing out work, social life, and health may not always be easy, but truthfully all you need is an open mindset to see life from a slightly different perspective.

1. Be Mindful

Personally, when I think about mindfulness, it involves turning off autopilot and actually living life. For me, I love to surround myself with my friends as I enjoy their presence and they encourage me to step out of my comfort zone.

2. Reflect on Yourself, for Yourself

Take some time each day or each week to think about things you are grateful for, or events that happened that made you happy. I keep a journal to keep track of memorable event and goals for each quarter I start in school. A journal is also always here to "listen" to me. Since Spring is right around the corner, check this out for cute spring themed journals!

3. Eat Good Food

Good food is the way to everyone's heart. Treat yourself, go to a cute coffee shop, and don't skip meals! I love preparing poached eggs with spinach and mushroom on the weekends.

4. Smile more

Smile at strangers, you will instantly feel more positive.

5. Be more spontaneous!

Lay off your calendars for a bit, stop overthinking and trust what your gut tells you to do. Often people say that the best adventures come from spontaniety!

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