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Pinky Gupta
7mo India Story
Lip Smacking Presentation, Food for soul
  • Food Presentation is art of presenting,arranging or decorating the food. When the food is presented or plated the way food looks first tempts our eyes and prompt us to taste the food. All elements arranged on the plate properly is very important part of presentation. No matter how a delicious dish may be, but if it is served on dirty or arranged in a messy way, definitely you will not tempted to taste it. We all have been to restaurant some or other time we all had noticed that food presented by them makes all of us very tempting because of good presentation and plating. Another important thing of Presentation of food on plate is balancing variety of contrasts. How textures are combined is also an important factor of presentation of food. Garnishing the food also plays very important role , it looks great when the food is garnished. Matching portion size is also important, plate too small for large varieties makes the look of the plate very messy, and small portion of food variety on large plate is also not good presentation.  Presentation is most important aspect for Food.

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