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BrandyBrown Singer, Singwriter, Author, Season One of GirlStarter
6mo Brooklyn, NY, United States Story
Lights, Camera, Action !

It's funny how life can change for you in a instant. It's like one minute your at home bored watching TV and now all your friends will be "WATCHING YOU" on TV.  That is how quickly things can happen for you just as it did for me. Kid you not, it was not easy. The time spent filling out the application making sure things made sense. Going through the casting process, speaking to multiple individuals hoping that they like you. Its nerve wrecking but, worth it all. The moment I found out that I was selected for season one of GirlStarter airing on TLC, old me was gone. This was my chance to build a new image for myself. A new and improved Brandy. 

I am a very simple person, easy to talk to and get along with. I have never been that person that people idolized on social media but, I want to inspire others. GirlStarter is that platform FOR ME as it should be FOR YOU. I know most people will take this time to talk about their current life but, instead i'm focusing on my future. Where am I going? What my plans are? Where do I see myself 5 years from now? These are questions I ask myself to gain a better understand on whats next for me. These are questions you should ask yourself too. Many of us might not know the answers but, my favorite quote " Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning" -Albert Einstein helps me get through the day because, I know that we live in a world full questions with no answers which is fine cause it give you the opportunity to seek it. 

My journey has just started and now its the time to make big moves and prove to the world what I am capable of.  Those who envy me, hate me, past friends who abandoned me will now see the beginning of a major take over. My motto is , if its for you no one can take it away. #TeamBrandy 

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Report this post
Singer, Singwriter, Author, Season One of GirlStarter

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and am currently an undergraduate at Berkeley College. I am majoring in criminal justice and am passionate about upholding the law. In addition to fighting off criminals I have the mindset of a business woman and love art. My talent knows no bounds and I was a contestant [...]

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