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Devin C. Hughes
10mo San Diego, CA, United States Story
Let Your Fear Be Your Inspiration

Don't hide from your fears -- face them head-on and reap the rewards!

Fear can be your greatest positive motivator. Sound crazy? It's not. Obviously, there are fears in our lives that stem from valid, dangerous origins -- these are the fears that help keep us safe.

For instance, we may fear walking down a dark alley at night. Situations such as these can lead to some pretty dire outcomes. While the probability may be fairly low of anything occurring in that alley, this fear is a valid means of self-preservation.

On the other side of the spectrum are the irrational fears that can limit us in our daily lives and prevent us from reaching our potential. For instance, avoiding public speaking at all costs can, well, be costly. If the ability to speak to a group would allow you to advance up the career ladder, wouldn't it be worth the short period of discomfort?

Your challenge this month is to face one of your fears that limits you in your life and move through it. Choose something as simple as calling a loved one or friend you've had a falling-out with. The more small fears you face down, the greater your freedom in your daily life you'll begin to experience!

Thanks for reading. If this was valuable to you, I’d be delighted if you followed me on Twitter Devin C. Hughes, where I share the latest research on happiness, mindfulness and human performance, and subscribe to my newsletter, where an earlier version of this article appeared.

Devin C. Hughes, is a highly sought after speaker, author, happiness muse, mindfulness trainer & executive coach. He is the author of seven books and his approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness.

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