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Paley Jean Martin
Paley Jean Martin Editorial at TIDAL // Artist at Paley Jean
10mo Brooklyn, NY, USA Story
One Painting a Day for Latinx History Month

In honor of Latinx History Month, which lasts from Sep. 15 - Oct. 15, I gave myself the challenge of doing one painting a day inspired by a different Latin American country and style of music, dance form or music icon representative of it. I'll be sharing each day on my Instagram @Paley_jean .

So far, I've painted tango for Argentina, caporales for Bolivia, samba for Brazil, cueca for Chile and today's painting, cumbia for Colombia (and a few others).  Of course, I'm capitalizing on the women!

It's been fun for me to do this and learn more about the rich musical landscape across Latin America. Feel free to follow and share links/stories/videos that might be of interest!!

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Paley Jean Martin
Editorial at TIDAL // Artist at Paley Jean

Hi, friends! I'm a Brooklyn-based artist, writer and radio host! I currently work at TIDAL, make art as a passion and side hustle and host a weekly radio show called Sweet Sunday Radio. I'm excited to join this awesome community and am always open for collaborations whether in art, music or life in [...]

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