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p5creations Wedding and event planner
over 3 years Story
Latest wedding decoration trends in 2016

It`s Almost 2016, and as the technology is growing, the way to celebrate weddings is also evolving. People choosing different ways to celebrate wedding or we can say people try different trends to celebrate their beautiful day.

For this, the couples would hire a professional wedding planner, who will make all the arrangements. Yeah it is rightly said, to get something you have to pass from many test, same in this condition. TO hire the professional wedding planner you have to take interviews of many one, and in last you will get the perfect wedding planner. Remember to check the previous work of them, it will give you an idea how your wedding decor will look like.

Some different or trendy wedding ways of 2016, which you are most likely to see in wedding.

1. Greenery:

New generation people have become more concern about environment, that`s nice. Even they are opting garden, eco-friendly things for wedding. Choosing Greenery theme décor for the wedding, will give more positivity and more charm to wedding. Fragrance of beautiful flowers and everything is of green color from table runners to wedding arches.

If this wedding trend opt by everyone, then it is good for our environment and ecosystem.

2. Vintage Look:

Keeping Vintage look for the wedding in not new, this the trend which is running from long ago. But nowadays it’s become more popular, it gives your wedding more royal and luxurious look. Use some metallic, dark brown colors for the decoration and bridesmaid dresses.

3. Bohemian Look:

This is new and look trendy, it comes in fashion more from the past few years. The casual and boho themed wedding will become the first choice of most of the couples. Everyone is dressed in different casual and funky clothes. The boho theme décor for the wedding will not affect so much on your budget too. Flowers and tassels used in decoration effortlessly express one personal style.

4. Twilight Forest

Since the movie Twilight has arrived. The people has start choosing the same wedding decor which was seen in that movie and named it as a ‘Twilight Forest’.  The beautiful and amazing décor to celebrate the perfect day. This the theme which every couple demands for. The perfect combination of flowers and lights which gives it more royal and fabulous look. One plus point is that this ‘Twilight Forest’ theme will also celebrate with nature.

5. Fairytale:

Especially, for brides, they always want to marry in this wedding décor. The fairytale wedding it’s like converting the dreams into reality. In childhood a girl always dreamt of marrying in this fairytale style. To celebrate wedding in fairy tale style with the loved one is a beautiful and gorgeous felling which no one can explain.

6. Pastel Colors:

This is something new and more in demand, to choose pastel colors with the serenity combination. Gives your wedding more outstanding and marvelous look. Rose Quartz with the serenity combination has been declared as the best color of 2016 by Pantone, this is the reason this theme is more likely to see in Wedding.

7.  Say it with cake:

Say it with cake wedding theme has come more in demand form 2016. Expressing you love story with cakes is the most amazing way to celebrate wedding. Your cake features one of your favorite romantic quotes or chronicles of your relationship, these cakes are not normal, it is a towers of yummy buttercream.

So, these are the some great and trendy ideas to celebrate wedding. If you’re planning to marry in 2016, then choose one of these beautiful ideas to make you day more romantic and joyful.

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Wedding and event planner

Wedding planner

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