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7mo India Story
Late night conversations

I came home early tonight. I took a sip of that smooth, disgusting whiskey –smooth because it’s expensive for my pockets, disgusting because it’s burns my throat when I take that pretentious sip.

Before that, I turned the key and switched on the lights to an empty room. Took my phone out and fidgeted with it to check whether I had any messages. Empty notifications didn’t exactly have me jumping with joy. I laid that curse-of-a-phone down on the table and changed into whatever made me comfortable. I picked up the phone again; I thought I felt it vibrate. A few group messages that don’t really concern me.

I’ve often had conversations which didn’t make sense at the dead of night. But the night had come down like it always did and I didn’t want to be rude, and we had our once-in-a-lonely-moon conversation. It went something like this…

NNM: Why do you only come when the world is asleep and everything stands still?

Night: Could I get a better time to catch a hold of you in your entirety? You only surrender to me in this stillness. You embrace the chill I bring while the rest of the world would rather seek the warmth of day.

NNM: You do know that you bring darkness and gloomy thoughts, right?

Night: I also bring in the moon that makes memories –of lovers kissing under the moonlight, of power cuts that make daddies take their babies out for a walk in the cool summer breeze. And the stars; when did you last look up at to the sky to witness the show the stars put up? My darkness makes them shine bright and shows you the way home. The gloom you see is an illusion; the beauty of my darkness is magical.

NNM: But you remind me that I’ll be sleeping alone, again. That loneliness is what you always bring every time.

Night: You are only as alone or lonely as you let yourself feel. I am here till morning takes over and the light lies that you are not alone. But tell me truly, will the day make it any different? Will you have someone who sips the other cup of coffee? Will you rush to make breakfast for two? Or will someone give a quick peck on the lips before you set out to work?

NNM: So…are you saying you are the same as day?

Night: I bring the same emptiness as the day does. The same emptiness lingers on at the back of your mind throughout the day, but the noises block it all out. The only difference is that I bring along a silence that makes you understand that it’s a reality you need to learn to embrace.

Night: When will you embrace the loneliness and learn to love yourself?

NNM: …

Night: Is loneliness only filled by lovers? Have you forgotten all your family and friends who fill up the void that loneliness leaves?

NNM: …

Night: Think about it when I fall and there is nothing but the silence and emptiness that surrounds you. The day will break in a few hours and it’ll fill your loneliness with noises and distractions. I’ll be back soon to give you some time with yourself in my cold stillness. That’s what I do best; that's what we do best!

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I am about emotions. That is all for today.

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