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4mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Know Your Worth Then Add Tax

You will find those who attempt to or make the worst messes in your life are usually worth the least as they usually have nothing in theirs really and never have. Those kind ruin everything they touch, their whole existence has been one of destruction, chaos, contention, etc. They jump from one ruined experience or damaged person they caused to the next hence why they themselves are left with nothing, nothing means nothing to them. Not really. Not people, not others time, means, person-hood, life, career, reputation, nothing. It's called selfish, entitled, and self importance. They just waste everyone's time and energy offering nothing in return for the entitlement to do so.  An "apology" means nothing if there is no action to even attempt fix it or offering of anything let alone if there is no apology at all. That's just arrogance and haughtiness of entitlement.

#DeepThoughts #WhatHappensWhenYouSlum #NeverLowerYourValue #SelfWorth #KnowYourWorthThenAddTax


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Multi Tasker

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual, Believer, Millennial meets a twinge of Generation Z, Classical Dance, Mixed Fusion Dance, Athlete, Singing (1st Soprano), Music, Abolition, Art, Modeling, Survivor leader, Brand Ambassador, Collaborator, Blogger, Journalist, Ultra Petite yet tenaciously tough, [...]

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