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7mo London, United Kingdom Story
Know More About Alopecia to Fight It Better

Alopecia is a disease which causes irritation and the hair, most commonly the scalp hair, is lost. The hair loss can be complete or in patches. Alopecia areata is a medical condition which results from a defect in the immune system of the body. This disease is a tricky disease because here, the immune cells of our body are affected themselves and they attack the healthy immune cells. The cells destroy their own hair follicles and thus, we start losing hair. In less harsh cases, we see a diminished hair growth.

This disease is genetic and inherited by the Chromosome 8 defect, as the gene mapping has showed. While the gene carries the seed, the influencing factors can also be the stress of modern life or the environmental pollution. There are other auto-immune diseases, where the immune cells are affected themselves, like rheumatoid arthritis and vitiligo which have been linked with alopecia as well.

In most of the cases, the resulting baldness from alopecia is spotty in nature. It is called spot baldness, in general terms.

Diffused alopecia is even more dangerous and it causes the whole scalp to uniformly lose hair. This is like the male hair thinning.

To counter the hair loss problem, the best is to wear specially designed wigs. There are many agencies who specialise in Alopecia Wigs UK. You can buy from them. You shouldn’t invest in surgeries because you don’t know where the next spot of baldness will strike.

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Bloomsbury of London

Bloomsbury Wigs is known for their innovative hair replacement systems and they have further cut the cost down for their clients, making it one of the most affordable hair replacement destination in the country. The agency informed the media about this recent price cut in a press release today.

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