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16d Washington, DC, United States Story
Keep Calm..

A Man can do no higher calling by God in my belief than when they see foulness going on toward Women and or Girls stepping in like "Baby I got this." Despite what too many fools think it doesn't have to do anything with sexual/attraction going on betwixt the defending parties, it's simply the right thing to do period. I applaud Men that do this and am grateful for them. Nothing sexual about it, it's simply the just thing to do. Their calling and job is to help cover and protect Women/Girls when applicable. Not abuse them, enable, nor ignore abuse. If more Men did this we wouldn't have the astronomical numbers of Girls and Women losing their lives from quintessential femicide not to mention otherwise traumatized systematically from abuse by abusive males. Again typically male abusers react totally differently to Men than Women regardless of how tough a Woman is or who she is, it's about the abuser's perception of what a Woman is. Their reaction to Women and Girls is in no way a reflection of the targets but of the abusers themselves. There was an episode of Steve Wilkos I couldn't find to post (yeah I know those shows are hype mostly but this 1 I could tell was different) in which though he confronted a Woman's abuser/perpetual stalker thus finally served him with a restraining order on her behalf, you could see the pompous entitled arrogance of the abuser the whole time. At one point the abuser said in response to Wilko's stating he was going to do whatever it took to protect the Woman including "Well what if I stand on her front porch to make sure you don't bother her." The @$$hole like most @$$holes do challenged it with "Well then we'll be fighting on the porch then. I'm going to get to her any way." Thus it went back and forth like this until finally court papers don't lie thus the abuser backed down. My point is that this is the entitlement as well as condescending arrogant lethal mentality that leads to femicide. I keep using the term femicide because in the abuser's perception Women are beneath them and weaker regardless of any outside factor therefore yes the abuser does have intent to kill based on gender. Their attitude is "I'll do whatever the f I want to my prey and I'm entitled to it" which is why it often takes a Man or a number of Men to stand up to them for the abuser to get it. SO THANK YOU MEN that understand this and do this. Of course I'm not saying rely solely on this, we have laws of the land for a reason but there are instances this needs to happen.


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