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tonybowles Contributing Editor
8mo New York City, NY, United States Story
 Joy Mangano Shares Her Spring Cleaning Tips & Tools

 Joy Mangano, the product inventor and inspiration behind Jennifer Lawrence’s character in “JOY,” has a variety of products and tips that will make spring cleaning a breeze this year.

Joy is the mastermind behind best-selling cleaning and organization must-haves like the Miracle Mop, Super Chic 2-in-1 Vacuum, Huggable Hangers and accessories, My Little Steamer and Forever Fragrant.     

Below find Joy’s tips and hacks for making spring cleaning easier and more efficient this year.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Alleviate dust build-up and use a microfiber dust cloth on walls, followed by the Miracle Mop for hard to reach places such as above the ceiling fan, high cabinets and more, twice a week. I always vacuum afterwards to catch any of the particles that fell on the floor.
  2. When vacuuming, use a simple, easy to store option, such as my Super Chic 2-in-1 Vacuum to get everything done. There’s a detachable handheld vacuum that you can use right on your upholstered furniture to make it look brand new. It’s so quick and the perfect way to make sure you’re picking up even the smallest specs of dust. After you vacuum the couches, give the pillows and your curtains a quick steam with My Little Steamer. You’ll love how the room gets an instant refresh!
  3. If you don’t have a kid and pet-safe spot cleaner on hand to get rid of pesky stains, baby powder can do the trick to absorb liquid stains on couches. You just let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then vacuum it up!
  4. There’s no doubt living in smaller spaces can create a storage challenge. Under the bed boxes are an amazing way to store large items and keep them out of sight. You can even buy drawers on wheels that don't have a top so you'll not only have easy access, but you'll avoid trapping that stinky shoe smell. Plus, adding a few Forever Fragrant sticks nearby never hurts!
  5. My simplest solution - and one that I rely on for keeping my car tidy - is a grocery bag! I use it for the trash that inevitably accumulates. Coffee straw wrappers, granola bar wrappers, napkins, etc. It's a quick and easy fix to avoid build up. And try some Forever Fragrant sticks to keep your car smelling great!
  6. Make your home a little brighter! Refresh your space with more colorful accents and accessories and make sure you have a Forever Fragrant or two in your home. A few small details and a fresh scent can make a huge difference. 
  7. Time to get rid of those clothes you don’t wear anymore! My favorite trick is to turn around my Huggable Hangers after I wear something and at the end of the season, I give away the clothes that never made it out of my closet.
  8. I always create a cleaning checklist – It’s an easy way to make sure you don’t forget about any of those places that aren’t at the top of your list for cleaning. If you have kids, have them help you clean and reorganize. Make it fun – you’re doing it together! It teaches them how to keep a tidy home and lets you spend precious time with your family.

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