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Lina Blue
Lina Blue . . .
almost 2 years Story
It's you...

And my heart skips a beat as your breath hitches
And it's that moment in the movie where the camera's lens focuses in on seemingly startled eyes growing in size
As my mouth goes agape, opening as if I have something to say
And I'm blank when that split moment
passes between us
Tangs and trills of distant familiarity and strange recognition
It's you
And though my face is to turn to the sun and yours is to be cast with the contorted shadows that dance across objects to hide from moonbeams
We are on a white plane where we regard each other as beings suspended in time
Separate from the other realm where something up there is said to be blue
And there is this mention of green and flora
And there are these castles and shiny black towers that reach white puffy things that can float
We can both vaguely feel the machines that zoom past, the faint hum of them beneath our feet
But it's you
And I see you see me and you realize the same because there's that twinkle, and then there's that gravitational pull
The big orbs beyond the blue boundary align and I register the shift
click, snap, shatter
There is this understanding between us, this abstract happening of the Fates blindly ripping stars off the purple black fabric, then arranging them just so that they may be in position for us
Do you feel it, too?
We have history, you and I
Me and you
We have a greater power among the faces that blur by
Where you acknowledge me as I am from the Other World, and I know that you've been sent just as unwritten prophecy sang you would
It's you
And it's the moment my soul's eyes open wide after such a long black slumber and yours breaks the surface of the deep waters it was drowning in
Being awake is a dream
And breathing is a blessing as they feel each other's energy violently radiating through our vessels and admire them from afar
I can feel the plates of this world shred each other grain by grain and I can hear the swell of the ocean as volcanoes rumble and threaten to spill over
And they scream in unison within us to one another
"It's you"
And it is...
But the moment is gone
And we break the connection
As I follow the flow of the crowd and you leave with a friendly smile in the opposite direction to the horizon
Time takes its place and earth becomes tangible
There is no more of just you and just me
It was only that instant of one walking out of a local coffee shop and the other climbing out of a bus with a traveler's backpack and a crumpled map within a strong fist
We move forward as the space grows fond of its presence being in the middle
Not a word spoken, not a wave
But until then-- when the universe and all that lies beyond the boundary splits and tears itself in half at the likes of our meeting again--until that time
It is you

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Lina Blue
. . .

//just a girl with too much and too little on her mind | paradoxical soul | day dreamer | night life | pink goggles | wanderlust | everything-anything | blue | real | car rides | music | bubbles | big words | open | food lover | space | the happy | the sad | the in-between | flora | books, reading, [...]

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