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keyacanto Blogger | Traveler
6mo Philippines Story
It’s Not Your Exercise, It’s You: Why Your Exercise Isn’t Working?

Similar to a relationship, getting into a workout routine is exciting at first. You feel motivated and eager to get into the zone. However, when days, weeks and months past, you lose the momentum and you no longer feel motivated. That’s when you will feel that your exercise is not working anymore.

You tend to ask yourself, why it didn’t work? You’ve invested much of your time and effort into it, but somehow it did not give you the results you wanted. Why is that so? Here are 5 common reasons why your exercise did not work for you. And trust me --- it is not your exercise, it’s you.

You’re Not Working Hard Enough or You’re Working Too Hard

Have you been working with the same routine for several weeks or months now? Perhaps, it is the right time for you to increase the intensity of your workout. As you go into your fitness routine every day, your body adapts and adjust to changes. This simply means that the workout routine which has worked for 3 months ago, may not provide you with the same results now. As your body adapts to changes, it becomes more efficient. And it will burn fewer and fewer calories as the days and weeks past.

On the other hand, too much workout can also be one of the reasons why your workout is not working for you. Exercising too much without giving your muscles a time to recover will break your muscles, rather than building it. This is also the reason why you feel unmotivated and tired to exercise. So take a few days off to give time for your body to recover. This will allow your workout to be more efficient.

Moderation plays a crucial role in working out. Know your body’s capacity and limits on working out. This way, you can plan out the right exercise routine that your body needs.

You Don’t Complement It With Proper Diet

You cannot successfully fuel your exercise if you don’t complement it with a proper diet. Without the proper and healthy diet, you could be wasting your time working out. No matter how well you plan out your workout, if it doesn’t involve correct eating habits, you cannot expect any results at all.

Learn to count your calories. You have to be aware of the appropriate number of calories you need to intake for fitness management. Too much nor too few intake is not good for your body. You need just enough amount to give you energyyou’re your workout and other activities.

Proper diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, so choose what you eat that can help you fuel your workout.

You Feel Like It’s A Burden To You

Perhaps, you just lack motivation. You feel like those early morning workouts are not for you. If you find yourself feeling drowsy early in the morning that you would rather sleep than hit the gym, it is time for you to make some lifestyle changes. Why not adjust your sleeping time, so these two important aspects of a healthy lifestyle won’t get into conflict.

A good night's sleep can lead to longer exercise sessions later in the day so try to change your sleeping habits. Sleep early to get up early and start your day right.


The results you wanted from your exercise is not easy to achieve, but it is not impossible either. You need discipline and a lot of self-control in order to achieve your fitness goals.

So next time, you think your exercise is not working. Perhaps, it is the right time to evaluate yourself. Think of the changes and adjustments you can do to make your exercise work for you.

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Blogger | Traveler

Key Acanto is a writer and an editor of She writes article of different topics and she loves sharing her ideas, experience and knowledge to different online mediums. Aside from that, she also loves to travel with friends and families.

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