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M.A. Rodabaugh
M.A. Rodabaugh Writer, Humorist, Journalist, Mogul Influencer
5mo Philadelphia, PA, United States Story
It's Cuffing Season, Ya'll!

The leaves are sort of changing colors. They're a little slow on the East Coast because we're facing a summer autumn. Everyone is dusting off their leather boots and Uggs (are they still a thing?) Pumpkin spice everything has infiltrated the shelves. The buzz of Halloween is in the air. Also, it is Cuffing Season, ya'll.

Cuffing Season is that period from October to February where single and single-ish people search for someone to call their own...for a few months. Rather than going out to bars on frigid nights, most people prefer to hunker down under blankets, preferably naked, and Netflix and Chill. The holidays bring out some needy emotions in people and to shut up well-intentioned family members, a significant other looks good on the arm for Thanksgiving dinner. Grandma finally stops asking "when you'll find someone" and you get to enjoy your turkey in peace. 

Cuffing Season is expensive, though. Since it falls during several MAJOR holidays, it can put a dent in your wallet. You hit Thanksgiving (travel and outfits), Hanukkah and Christmas (travel, presents, presents, presents), New Year's (expensive parties, outfits) and the big one if you last to the end of the season, Valentine's Day (presents, dinner). All of that celebration adds up! However if the cost of being with someone outweighs the cost of watching the snow fall alone in your apartment with your cat, then by all means get out there and do it!

To find your cold weather boo, consider putting yourself out there on some common dating sites. Free ones include Bumble, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel and OK Cupid. If you want to invest even more money upfront to assure a quality match, consider an eHarmony or Match account. There are several monthly subscription offers that cover the duration of Cuffing Season. 

You may need to shop around to find the perfect match for the cold weather seasons. make sure you pin down your significant other in October or else you may have to wait until the carefree hookup season of summer for your next dating/mating opportunity. 

Who knows! Maybe your love will last far beyond the season and become a special relationship. Or maybe you'll just have someone to snuggle and keep you warm until Spring. 

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Report this post
M.A. Rodabaugh
Writer, Humorist, Journalist, Mogul Influencer

M.A. is a doting dog mom, writing coach, writer, corporate communications manager, social media guru, comedian and journalist. She hopes to become the female Heisenberg of cold brew coffee.

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