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It is likely you are not alone even though you feel so.

It's February, and it means it's time for some Turner Syndrome awareness. I have written a post about it before, and you are welcome to read about it.

Why is this important?

The biggest takeaway from the article was that I was feeling alone before I talked with anyone with TS.

Also, today is a day when a Turner Syndrome Awareness Month starts. That was a good enough reason to dedicate another article to this topic. It is so crucial for people to understand TS because it helps to diagnose girls at a younger age and get them better treatment.

What are MY ambitions when it comes to Turner Syndrome Society?

I know it is really ambitious, but I dream to gather all European TS women into one society. I have enjoyed United States because they organize the biggest conference for women with TS in the whole world. It has helped me to learn about myself, meet my friends who I can relate to and learn about the most current research out there. I see that many European countries don't have possibilities.

But you live in the US now, so why do care about Europe so now?

Recently, a younger girl who reached out to me because she saw that I have TS. She just wanted to talk about my experiences. I think she is going through so much, but just having a person who went through to something like her helps her to know she is not alone. In most scenarios, you know there is a person who is in a similar situation, but you still feel alone because you never met them. Sadly, most of the time it is not easy to find that person. And since I have grown up in a continent where is no TS support system, it is very hard to find them. Also, the reality is that there is still so much stigma around having chromosomal disorder. Because of that, people are still afraid to talk about it. To be honest, I still have a little fear of sharing material about TS online. However, I do it for others, I need them to know they are not alone.

Where can you get more information about Turner Syndrome?

If you want more information press this link to access Turner Syndrome Society of United States and you should see this logo

This there you can find the most reliable information when it comes to TS.

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