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Mackenzie Trush
9mo New Jersey, United States Story
Isaiah Zagar Making Magic In Glassboro

This past week I have had the incredible opportunity to work with world renowned artist Isaiah Zagar making one of his famous mosaic murals right here in Glassboro. Most people may recognize his mosaic styled work, as it is all over Philadelphia. He also has a museum of his own work called Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street in Philly that I have always admired. 

Making a mosaic mural was never something that I thought I would be able to do. I am a theatre artist, and though I appreciate all art I typically stick to the stage instead of putting my art on a wall. I am so glad that my week long experience of making a mosaic mural was with Isaiah. He is a 78 year old firecracker with a similar sense of humor to my Grandpop who passed away in 2012. The two would have made great friends. This week was like a second chance at spending time with him, and I loved every minute of it. 

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1 comment

  • LoverOfLife
    8mo ago

    Beautiful mural and beautiful people!

    Beautiful mural and beautiful people!

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