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Sandhya Sriram
16d Singapore Story
Is it your wedding? Have fun but make conscious decisions

Inspired by Devi’s post “Wedding planning for social impact” on her Developing Style Blog(I love her blog by the way and the impact it has, do check it out!), I decided to pen down memories of my engagement and wedding planning… lots of thought and time went into it and it was so worth it.

Devi’s blogpost is beautiful and much needed. I have seen many spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (crores/lakhs of rupees) on a wedding but the bride and groom do not enjoy it. My wedding was also light on the budget but beautiful… and most important of all, Tej and I had the most fun! We enjoyed our wedding, remember most of it and most of the people who came too :)

Her article made me think a lot and I wanted to share my thoughts with you… so here goes…

Our total engagement AND wedding expense in 2010 and 2011 was approximately $15,000-$17,000 (Rupees 10 to 11 lakhs to the max); yes you read it right, and no, I did not make a mistake in the number of 0s. That is all we spent inclusive of the minimal gold (Indians generally buy a lot of gold), clothes, food, venue, return gifts, flight tickets etc.

I did all the planning via email and phone, sitting in Singapore.. it was quite a challenge as I am quite specific about certain things, but all thanks to my mom, Tej and his sister for helping out.

For more detailed budget breakdown and AtoZ of the planning we did, please click here

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