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Interview with a Female Entrepreneur

Interview with a Female Entrepreneur - Thalassa Boom Swimwear

What is the name of your business?

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

What does your business do?

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear is a lifestyle brand that offers luxury swimwear, resort wear and accesories.

Did you do anything before you started the business?

Yes, I worked as a Creative Director for Papagayo Curacao, which is a boutique design hotel & resort & beach club, located in Curaçao, a Dutch island in the Caribbean.

What gave you the idea to start the business?

I love bikinis and I always wanted to design and produce swimwear and all that complements swimwear to create the perfect beach look. In 2015 I really wanted a change in my career and I told myself ‘it’s now or never!’. Right after I took this decision I had a ski accident and could barely walk for several weeks. It was then that I fully focused on my business and designed various styles that I started producing during my healing process. I launched my first collection in March 2016 and my online shop opened a few months later.

What has been your biggest business challenge?

Reaching my target market. I know that there so many women out there that would really like the swimwear we design, but reaching them is not an easy task. Furthermore I had expected the online business in terms of payment gateways and laws in regards to ecommerce to be much more advanced then they actually are. The world is talking about globalization, but we are yet miles away from becoming a united world. It is very challenging to figure out what rules apply to which countries or even cities or states. Only in the USA every state has different laws when it comes to taxes and sorts. So doing worldwide online business is not as easy as people might want you to think. We have many more bridges to cross!

Was there anything that was harder or easier than expected?

Although I have worked in many fields and I am not easily discouraged, I must say that I have underestimated the whole process. Although I did my research it is much harder then I could have anticipated. There are so many sides to setting up an online business in fashion. You need expertise in many different fields in order to be successful and that has been quite a ride. I learned a lot in the past year and a half and I needed to find the right people to assist me in different fields to accomplish my goals. I am still learning every day and improving my operation. So far it has been an amazing journey filled with many challenges and loads of hard work. Victory does not come without defeat is something I experience on a daily base. Determination, hard work and a positive attitude are key to success in the competitive world of fashion!

What are your business' plans for 2017?

Many! But the top 2 would definitely be:

1. I would love to see my pieces in some nice (swimwear) boutiques around the world like Molly Brown, Everything But Water, It’s now Cool, but also in the smaller multi label hotel boutiques. I believe that we offer great swimwear to rock at the trendy beach clubs & boutique hotels and beaches around the world and I would love to see woman wearing my pieces at these venues.

2. To add some new fresh pieces to my collection and to expand the accessories we offer. We will add some great one-piece swimsuits to our collection in March that I am very much looking forward to.

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