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Jodi Hill
Jodi Hill Influencer
over 1 year Pittsburgh, PA, United States Story
Interview do’s and don’ts

Okay, so you’ve taken the first steps in the job hunting process.  You have prepared a quality cover letter and resume or hired a professional resume writer to custom craft your employment documents for you, and have uploaded your documents on various job search websites, such as Monster or Indeed, and you get the call to come in for an interview.  Here are some tips you should keep in mind during the interview process.

Interviewing is nerve-wracking for many job applicants, even more so if they are have neglected to prepare for interview process.  The questions that interviewers ask obviously are for the sole purpose of weeding through the pool of potential employees to find the best fit for the company.  Oftentimes, the hiring professional will call applicants back for a second, or even a third interview to find the perfect candidate. 

When preparing for the possibility of being invited to participate in a face-to-face interview, one must keep in mind some important do’s and don’ts.  Many of these tips should be common sense, and yet surprisingly, many job candidates just don’t seem to get it.

Don’t show up to an interview late.  Always arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.  If you are unfamiliar with the area where the interview is to take place, map out your route the day before.  Also, you may want to drive the route in rush hour traffic to allow for traffic jams, accidents or construction delays. 

Always bring with you a hard copy of your resume, which should be printed on quality resume paper, (not bond paper) and NEVER on plain copy paper.  Also, be prepared to fill out the company’s job application at the time of the interview.  Many companies still require that information for the HR department and your employee file should you be offered a job. 

Do not pull out your cell phone, even if you are sitting in a reception area waiting for an extended period.  Often, the purpose of keeping you waiting is to see how you handle having to be patient and pressure situations.  Since many people feel extreme pressure and some even suffer anxiety during the interview process, the company may be observing your behaviors while you are stuck waiting for prolonged periods of time by the receptionist, or by other employees who frequently walk past.  Things they may be observing are; your body language, confidence level, your patience level, and your demeanor, among other behaviors.  Do not fidget, check your phone, text, log onto social media.   You need to have all of your attention and focus on the company itself and project a sincere interest in the position for which you are waiting to interview.

Don’t dress inappropriately for the position.  If the position is in manufacturing or construction, or other informal field, one should be dressed in business casual.  If you are interviewing for a personal trainer position, wear warm up’s over your work-out clothes in case you are asked to demonstrate some of your core workout routines. 

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Jodi Hill

I am a writer and also a contributor for Influencing Entrepreneur Magazine. I am, and have been, a small business owner since 2008 striving to help those job seekers who need to amp up their pre-employment documents such as Cover Letters and Resumes, provide interview tips and tricks, interview [...]

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