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International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC)

The 2017 Applications for the International Innovators Initiative -- IN2NYC -- are going to open in two days.  

You probably know that IN2NYC partners colleges in the City University of New York system with international entrepreneurs, helping the school's students learn and making the entrepreneur eligible for an exempt, uncapped H-1B visa in the process.   You probably also know that H-1B visas are scarce.  

How can I get a shot at this program, you ask?  You have to apply at  And you have to pick a school with which to partner, based on how that school's needs and offerings suit your company's capabilities and interests.

City College is one of the possibilities.  We have special expertise in assisting new ventures that specialize in information systems and mobile applications, produce a social and environmental impact, and those in which women hold leadership positions. But we have a particular interest in companies that are creating new  hardware – devices, delivery systems, wearable technology, biomedical tools and testing equipment, innovative packaging, sensors, and the design, production, and commercialization of physical items.

The IN2NYC website will be updated by 3/15/2017 and ready for new submittals.  Get your applications ready!

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