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11d Washington, DC, United States Story
Injustice Of Being A Girl Or Woman

With the #BeHeard hashtag trending today all over dealing with the issue of harassment, it's a sad state of our world we should be even having to circulate this issue. It should just be a given not to harass people be it in work or outside. It's shame that a Girl/Woman has to be on alert every time we step out of the door unless of course we have a Man escort accompanying us as if to ward off the predators out there when it should just be a common basic respect NOT to be hassled or harassed. It is unjust a Girl or Woman can't live her dreams or traveling alone especially if she is a survivor of textbook stalking and sexual violence (which by the way Indigenous Women are 2.5 higher susceptible to be victimized by) because there is a chance we could be harassed, raped, or murdered particularly if we are a minority. Yeah self defense is great and all but you know what is even greater? Living in a world that isn't an issue. We shouldn't have to have that under our belt just to have freedom of movement. We shouldn't have to be armed, carry pepper spray, whatever just to go to a freaking grocery store. That we have to be in by nightfall. It's not right 1 in 3 minority Girls/Women will be or has been sexually assaulted in some form in our life times, or in the case of extremely marginalized groups such as Indigenous we live in a bracket in which we are 10 times higher to have a smorgasbord of violence, offenses and violations committed against us... many of us not living through it. No it's not right at all we are still so confined if not entirely stifled world wide in one form or another. No, it's not acceptable nor just we have a target on our heads every time we step out of our doors because predators can't get it together thus refraining from harming those they truly believe are beneath them. NO we shouldn't have a movement or hashtags solely dedicated to the basic human rights of Girls/Women that should be a given. No one is entitled to commit harassment, sexual violence, stalking in any form, femicide, etc. It's more than e-damn,nough really. It's more than time to get it together and do your part in the world.


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Multi Tasker

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