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5mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Indigenous Truth

There was a saying a few years ago during the DAPL at Standing Rock. It went like this "What do we do when we are under attack? STAND UP FIGHT BACK!" Followed by a fist in the air and ululation. I know this much I allow no exploiter, no colonizer I frankly am not fond of anyway regardless of any disrespect that takes place later and basically wish they would decolonize back to where they belong. Being such has been one of the root oppressors of Indigenous people and Women especially. Nothing push me around nor bully me into silence. Nah son, that's when we as Indigenous Women rise up and warrior up. That's how it is and always will be. We were here first and should always be revered for that alone rather than abhored as we have always been hated since the first non Indigenous stepped foot on our land with their entitlements. It's systematic direspect at the very least which then in turn causes a whole slew of violations upon us. That's the truth of it. 


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Multi Tasker

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual, Believer, Millennial meets a twinge of Generation Z, Classical Dance, Mixed Fusion Dance, Athlete, Singing (1st Soprano), Music, Abolition, Art, Modeling, Survivor leader, Brand Ambassador, Collaborator, Blogger, Journalist, Ultra Petite yet tenaciously tough, [...]

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