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TheMisterHurd Student Success Expert, Social Science Scholar in the making, and HR & Industrial/Organizational Consultant
1mo Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, United States Story
Independence from Doubt and Uncertainty


July 4, 2019/July 5, 2019

I have always admired Victor's determination.  I met Victor D. Reynolds as an undergraduate in college.  He had goals of mastering Japanese, playing college basketball, and becoming a video game designer.  Within four years, he had playing college basketball and mastering Japanese under his belt.  Not much time had gone by before he was taking his skills of making video games that he had begun as a young teen to becoming part of design teams for some of the top video games.

When he left the world of video game programming/designing I was blown away.  What really stuck out to me was the description of his new reality.  He talked about how free he felt.  That is a beautiful thing.  The icing on the cake is how his major life transition would have a direct effect on my family.

At the center of my family is Althea; my Bride, my Sunshine.  People often associate me as the teacher of my family.  But, if we are being honest, it is Althea. I always knew Althea was a teacher.  When we first met nearly 20 years ago, she was in training to be an elementary school teacher.  And while she had not been in traditional teaching roles, she was always teaching.  As we began to have children, Althea was the one teaching our kids to read.  She was the one who did most of the homeschooling with our kids.  When she was doing all of that, she still found time to tutor the children of family and friends.  Althea is great at teaching kids.  But Althea has a secret:  She is great at teaching adults, too!

Since we have been in Texas, Althea has been teaching adults in formal and informal ways.  She has helped adults from all parts of the fitness continuum to learn how to maximize the benefits of making smoothies with a Vitamix.  Lately, over the last 2 years, she has been focusing on helping mothers before and after childbirth.  Althea has empowered moms to have a deeper understanding of the childbirth process (from comfort measures to the actual delivery).  Althea has even helped new moms improve their confidence in their breastfeeding techniques.

As Althea’s self-proclaimed biggest fan/cheerleader, it is cool to see Althea go from volunteering to leading classes for her own birth education business.  She’s not simply putting together classes occasionally; she is becoming more methodical, increasing her network, and getting requests from many non-profits to be their birth education presenter. 

This transformation has occurred from two things: (1) success coaching provided by Victor; (2) strategies of mindsets provided by Victor’s book, Get Off the Bench (2019).  As her coach, Victor has done a great job of equipping Althea to maximize her efforts and increase her efficiency to impact the birth education world.  He is constantly pushing her out of her comfort zone by tying her next steps to her “why;” tying everything back to her purpose. Get Off the Bench (2019) is a great complement to Victor’s coaching. In the book, he describes the impact of how mindsets can make or break the success of your business.  He also offers practical solutions on how to improve your mindset to find consistent success in your efforts.  Having read the book, I have implemented some of his strategies to stop mindsets that have hindered my own personal success.  And in the short period of applying his suggestions from his book, I have reaped some of the financial and motivational successes Althea has had.  

What is your mindset?  Are you still thinking that you are not good enough to be great?!  Do not sell yourself short.  Declare independence from the uncertainty and doubt in your life!

- Elgrie J.

For more info on Victor’s entrepreneurship coaching…


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Student Success Expert, Social Science Scholar in the making, and HR & Industrial/Organizational Consultant

Elgrie Jones Hurd, III is originally from eastern Menlo Park, California. He holds a master’s degree from San José State University in sociology, with an emphasis in sociology of education. He also has a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona University in sociology. During his studies at San [...]

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