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Emmy Stewart
Emmy Stewart Medical Consultant at Mercer University
23d Story
Increase Employees Efficiency Through Team Building Events

Take a look around the office; you will see several members of your company or team working together to get various jobs done. At the most basic level, this is what drives companies forward, especially from large, medium to small size company. These companies do not have the resources for a group member not pulling their weight, with no hands-on the dedication of every team member, your business could easily slip back - and profits would. As experienced event planners will tell you, it is important to use all means at its repertoire to improve these invisible ties between staff members and corporate morale.

When a client comes to them with the application, the more industry specialists worth going into detail about what the customer expects from a team-building event. Want to mix staff training with light entertainment? Or is it a more sober and sophisticated event what you want? It's their job, not yours, to ensure that customers think carefully about your case, to achieve the best on the same day. Whether it's a summer party or organizing a fabulous Christmas meal or day of karting, whatever event organizing services go beyond finding a decent place or hiring appropriate catering services, the right company will infuse a different atmosphere to the proceedings that his team cannot stop looking intensely infectious.

Corporate events

You can have your employees led to some great places - like picnic stations or rafting tours, where they will take part in team-building exercises. These are generally fun events, but to teach employees the importance of teamwork, and how cooperation and collaboration is the key to success. Then the instructor involves employees in discussions related to the analysis of what the team did right and what went wrong. Also, compare Vs performance. Individual performance and include it in their results. You may also have theme parties to add to the fun.

Typically, activities include fun team games. For example, employees may be asked to form groups of 4 or 5, and given a set of noodles (raw and direct yet), some marshmallows and jelly. Then you are asked to build a tower of this, and the team wins by the highest tower. This will require that teams focus on the given task. The general coordinator makes these observations and returns it to the human resources department of the organization, which could be used for career and succession planning.

Benefits to employees and the company

Corporate team building events endow to staff a much-required break from the routine life. They feel refreshed after being introduced to a lot of new ideas of teamwork and subconsciously tries to incorporate them into his return. After spending time with colleagues in an informal context, employees develop a deeper bond with each other, so they can understand each other better. You could even have several days of activity where instead of a single day, employees could be sent to a weekend at a resort to get computer training. It will also serve as a great unexpected vacation for employees, and improve their productivity when they return to work.

Team Events and Games 

Team outings are best way to increase bonding with team members, deduce employee stress, and give all the chance to get to know each other. Here are some games I am mentioning which will benefit the employees. 

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. What's My Name?
  3. Cook-Off
  4. Sneak a Peek
  5. Board Game Tournament
  6. Office Trivia
  7. Improv Workshop
  8. Two Truths and a Lie
  9. Karaoke Night
  10. The "Suddenly" Story
  11. Go-Kart Racing
  12. Concentration (Marketing Edition)
  13. Professional Development Workshop
  14. Jigsaw Puzzle Race
  15. Room Escape Games
  16. The Egg Drop Challenge
  17. Laser Tag
  18. Catch Phrase
  19. Volunteer
  20. Mystery Dinner
  21. Kayaking/Canoeing
  22. Trampoline Park
  23. Something Touristy
  24. Painting Class
  25. Cooking Class
  26. Explore a New Place
  27. Sports Game

You can play these in indoors or go somewhere else to enjoy it. You can google to find Best Escape Rooms or respective games for team activities. These events increase the bonding between employees and help them to get through stress. Hope this article has helped you. 

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Emmy Stewart
Medical Consultant at Mercer University

A mother, Medical Consultant and a house maker.

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