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Sheehan Tiffany
4y California, United States Story
In God's right time: Maine in "My Bebe Love"

The loveteam, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, has been sweeping the hearts of the many ever since their accidental pairing happened. A lot fans all over the world are expecting their first movie together this December. In the Philippine local news, “Saksi: September 9, 2015” it was reported that Alden Richards was finally approved in the cast of the Metro Manila Film Festival movie entry, “My Bebe Love”, while Maine Mendoza’s appearance is still laid flat on the table, under negotiation.

In my opinion, I think that Maine has what it takes to showcase her talent in acting through joining the cast of this MMFF entry. But as fans, we have to consider a lot of things and, we should understand that it is going to be a long process of negotiation.  Here are the several realizations I came up with:

First and foremost, time. I believe Maine is under pressure when it comes to time due to a lot of endorsements and projects laid in front of her. She is under the management of Eat Bulaga. They handle her commitments to different endorsements and projects and whatever blessings coming on her way. Ofcourse, Maine is a product of the show and we have to consider her big role in Kalyeserye. There are still negotiations between the director of “My Bebe Love” Joey Javier Reyes and the management that handles Maine. Her absence in Kalyeserye will affect the segment in so many ways. It’s going to be a totally different story because our Yaya Dub will not be present. Who will take care of Lola Nidora? And what will happen to the segment’s regular viewers who anticipate “kilig” moments in the show? It’s definitely not about the ratings that they think about because Eat Bulaga alone can handle it. It’s about the entertainment that Maine has continuously provided to the wholesome segment.

If you’re going to counter argue, “How about Alden? He’s already part of the film and he’s also part of Kalyeserye?” My answer would be: Alden has been industry for quite a while now. He has established his own strategy when it comes to dealing with these while Maine is a new comer. She is obviously in different baranggays inside and outside Metro Manila. Her travel time from her home in Bulacan to those places would automatically eat up her time, plus the travel time from the baranggay to the set where they will shoot the film. Kalyeserye normally ends at 2pm (Manila time) right? Then try adding the travel time to the set? Maine would perhaps come running to the set at night! We can’t expect her scenes to be always filmed at night, right?

Second, her health. Let’s admit it, a lot of fans were worried when Maine stumbled unconscious during one of the episodes of Kalyeserye. And I believe, her system was shocked by the magnitude of workload in show business. It’s going to take a while to get used to it but it seems like Maine is starting to go with the flow. Her health may be one of the factors of the “on-going negotiation”. Look: She’s acting under the scorching heat of Manila... every day! We should trust that whoever manages her career thinks of her health and safety. And as fans, we should not always demand for happiness from them. We should think about their health as well.

Third, workshops. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t underestimate her. I confess she’s the only Filipino female artist I loved this bad. I believe in her skills and potential in becoming a legitimate and award-winning actress. But let’s be frank: 1) She’s totally new. Her weapon is just herself 2) She, of course, still needs workshops like all other artists to learn more and enhance her skills. And due to time constraints and long list of commitments and projects ahead, it may take some time for those workshops to happen. MMFF is a big deal. And if she happens to be part of the cast, it will be her first legitimate exposure on the big screen. That is why, she should be in her best disposition. She already established different fan bases around the globe but at some point her first movie is going to be her weapon for a long stay in showbiz. Her first movie will show those negative minds that she can make it to the stage receiving her first award. Her first movie will tell her haters that she deserves to have more movies and soap operas in the future. She’s going to be levelled with other artists from other MMFF entries who have been in the industry for a long time. So Maine should be prepared and be at her very best.

And again, I personally think that Maine has what it takes to showcase her talent in acting through joining “My Bebe Love”. As a matter of fact, I will be coming home to the Philippines to watch this because apparently they do not show MMFF entries here in the United States. It will surely be a wholesome movie, not only because of the tried and tested, award winning lead stars, Ai-Ai De Las Alas and Vic Sotto, but also if Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will end up together... in the movie.

All of us should pray for these negotiations to come smooth in the end. As a matter of fact, good things come to those who wait in God’s perfect time. Ika nga ni Lola, “Sa Tamang Panahon?”

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