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over 2 years Story
If Your Removalist Says These 4 Things, Run!

At Platinum Furniture Removals we pride ourselves on having a team of Australia’s best removalists. We’re friendly, fast, focused, honest and careful.

Yet, time and time again, our customers tell us horror stories about other removalists who have ripped them off, damaged their possessions and left them high and dry when they needed them most.

If you’re ringing around looking for quotes and hear any of these phrases on the other end of the phone line, do yourself a favour and run for the hills!

1. “I’d rather not tell you about my past clients”

Any removalist worth their salt will be able to fire off a list of happy past customers without hesitation, and many will be able to point you to their online reviews to back that list up. If you find a cheap removalist but they can’t provide a testimonial, don’t go ahead with the job without first asking them why.

2. “We can’t give you a definite arrival time frame, only a window of time”

With so many factors to co-ordinate when moving your home or business, finding a removalist who will be punctual and reliable is incredibly important. If the company you are considering can’t be trusted to lock in an arrival time - a common practice for all other industries - don’t trust them to treat your items with care and your job with respect.

3. “Just text me the address”

While this isn’t a bad statement in itself, it can indicate an intentional lack of attention to detail that will see you paying additional costs at the last minute. Before you give out your street address you should have discussed the finer details of the job at hand including how accessible your house is to a moving truck, whether there are stairs, if you live in a unit and if there are any other obstacles movers might face. Any removalist who doesn’t ask about these things is either inexperienced, or planning on taking on extra charges when it’s too late for you to pull out.

4. “You’ve been booked in, subject to weather”

Every day, at any given time, it is raining somewhere in the world. Professional removalists have experience getting the job done in all sorts of weather, and really professional removalists check the forecast beforehand and arrive prepared. While working in wet weather may make the job take longer (and cost more if you’re hiring on an hourly basis), unless there’s a tropical cyclone on the horizon the weather shouldn’t stop your move from going ahead.

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