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Ruth Glendinning
3mo Austin, TX, United States Story
If you really want to change the world...

If you want to change the world, invest in women

Invest in the ‘planters’ who plant the seeds of the future

Invest in the ‘spinsters’ who spin the threads of identity

Invest in the ‘weavers’ who weave those individual threads into the fabric of community

Invest in the ‘tenders’ who tend to flow, assuring that all is well

Invest in the ‘rooters’ who deepen the roots

Invest in the ‘makers’ who make sure all are included

Invest in the ‘producers’ who produce well-being for all

Invest in the ‘risers’ who rise above to support what the community becomes

Invest in the ‘visionaries’ who see solutions before the community sees problems

Invest in the ‘perennials’ who feed the soil so the next generation can root

Invest in their knowledge to grow community wisdom

Invest in women where they are rooted if you really want to change the world

Ruth Glendinning, March 2019

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Ideationist // Inclusion Activist // Founder @ATXFabric // Partner @ComunityWealth // Blogger @neighborecon // Originator S.L.O.W. Tech® The Ideationist: “Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization.”I am a social impact entrepreneur and [...]

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