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Isabelle Zanzer
2mo Paris, France Story
If you're looking for me, I'll be in the land of Oz

No, my name isn't Dorothy and much to my dismay, I don't own a dog called Toto. Nor am I getting swept away from my Kansas home by a cyclone, probably because mother nature won't find my little town I call home on the world map.

Yet, I've been living in my very own land of Oz, following a narrow yellow brick road to find the great and powerful Wizard of Oz for help. To find the Wizard with all the answers on life, with all its twits and turns - not to mention the series of awkward first dates that should legally come with a guidebook very, very fast.

I've been living with the hope that embarking on the journey we call life, the Good Witch of the North will kiss my forehead and thus magically protecting me from harm after the cowardly lion points me to the direction of a potion of "courage."

Afraid of derailing of the path of being the exemplary student teachers praise, achieving the impossible in face of criticism and challenges just to prove to the naked eye that I can hold my own. Not to mention sounding exhausted to the naked ear, as well.

Until that very moment a wave of euphoria came over by realising a simple fact: We live amongst a generation in which we are encouraged to pursue a fulfilling life rather than just meet some socialized status quo. We live in a generation of power, creating our own path in every colour while pursuing meaningful connections with no need for the limited options of labels. Because we choose our path, our road, our friends and cherish our family. We make our choices and transform ideas into reality with a blink of eye, after a turbulent journey of ups and downs, making you who you are today.

So, if you'll be looking for me, I'll still be in the land of Oz, but not as Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West, although I wouldn't mind embracing green skin for a day. I'll be the Wizard ruling my own land of Oz, and finally achieving the tendency set by social standards to stop comparing yourself to anyone and everyone else.

Because in the land of Oz, you are loved, just like you are beautiful, just like you are smart and just like you are happy. Like everything in life, your love is on a spectrum that is unique and special to you. Your love is the key to your transformation to the Wizard of Oz, and the best part? It all begins by looking in the mirror. 

Alternatively, you can click your heels three times, and see where the beauty of life takes you. 

Either you, the land of Oz is all yours to explore. 

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Isabelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from business school before wandering the streets of Paris whilst studying at Sorbonne University. Her passions include writing, boxing, advocating women's rights and cooking without burning down her kitchen. She is also able to talk (and definitely curse) in [...]

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