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Vinod Janapala
Vinod Janapala Digital Marketing Manager at piHappiness
24d Dubai Story
Ideal Features Every Customer Feedback Software Should Provide

Customer satisfaction is all the rage in the present fast progressing business arena. Feedback of the customer is a top priority for all companies who understand its importance and focus on improving their products according to the response of the customers.

A separate committee is set up by the company to record the customer’s experience and to organize for action, the feedback is sent to the team responsible. This is the primitive way which was done through pen and paper and took a lot of time.

This is where a Customer Feedback Software comes to the rescue. Not only does software prevent the cost of buying and printing paper, but also saves time for the feedback to reach the concerned authorities.

This can prevent a lot of customers from rejecting your brand as the manual process can take months to be implemented and there are no headaches of misplacing the feedback's when it comes to software.

Currently, the market is flooded with Customer Feedback Softwares and each of them is filled with a lot of features that are of great assistance to receive and analyze feedback. You should select a software that is flexible and allows you to do everything associated with receiving, analyzing and sending reports to the authorized person.

Some of the most basic and important features a customer feedback system should provide are:

Social Media Observation and Feedback Monitoring Response - Customers often share their feedback even if not asked for it on social media. This is why it is highly essential that the system has the ability to read and monitor them.

Text and Sentiment Analysis - Customer feedback app must be able to analyze texts and feedback by the use of sentiment analysis. It can be used to find unseen trends and patterns from unconstructed data

Customer Surveys and Feedback Collection- The software must be able to help the company creating and distributing surveys. Some of them have the ability to merge survey requests with the customer relationship manager of the company automatically. Updated software can also collect feedback based on emojis, thumb ratings and star ratings.

Review Requests and Generation- Online reviews and ratings influence a lot of people and act as the biggest brand promoters so that they can generate more 5-star reviews and improve their presence status on review sites and across the internet.

Employee Performance Analysis- Software should be able to differentiate between the different zones from where the reviews are coming so that based on those reviews, an employee’s performance on the products can be analyzed and what are the modifications that need to be made to the product so that it best suits individual zones.

Promotional SMS and Emails- Sending out automated emails and texts to your customers to update them with discounts & offers you are providing is a must-have. The software must also be able to send wishes in the form of texts to your customers on their special occasions (such as Birthday and Anniversary).

Alerts in Case of Negative Feedback and Low Reviews- An instant notification must go to the person in charge in case of a negative review so that the customer can be attended instantly. It should be able to send an auto-generated apology message and mail to your customers instantly.

Currently, there are a wide variety of Customer Feedback Apps available online and they are loaded with a ton of features. These apps have the feedback system integrated within them and all you have to do to use their facilities to sign up with them with an amount that is very nominal as compared to alternative ways. A few of these apps can even collect data offline and use them whenever it gets connected to the internet.

 A Customer feels happy when the expectations are met by the product. Businesses know it is important to keep your customers satisfied at all times. Customer Happiness Apps provides insights to customers to maintain good satisfaction levels to protect the reputation of the brand.

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Vinod Janapala
Digital Marketing Manager at piHappiness

Vinod Janapala is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at piHappiness - Customer Feedback & Survey App. He is keen on such topics as marketing, SaaS challenges, and Personal Growth.

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