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Stephanie Horbaczewski
Stephanie Horbaczewski President & CEO of StyleHaul
over 3 years Story
#IAmAMogul: How I Built A Female-Centric Company In A Male-Dominated Industry, By Stephanie Horbaczewski

For me, it was never about being in a male or female centric industry—it was simply about being an entrepreneur. I had an idea that I believed in—one that I knew would change the way brands connect with consumers. All that mattered was meeting and connecting with those who knew more than me in the content space, those that could help me put the pieces of my puzzle together.

My parents instilled in me a belief that I could do anything and I carry that same mantra with me every day. I grew up wanting to change the world and my parents would ask, “why can’t you?” So I always felt incredibly empowered to chase my dreams—and to not stop until I accomplished them.

As CEO of StyleHaul, the largest digital network for beauty, fashion and style content, that’s exactly what I’m working to do. At StyleHaul, we are committed to creating and fostering a community that empowers and supports women all across the world.

Being a woman in the tech industry is relatively uncommon; however, I am fortunate that I have an incredible team of other women surrounding me on this journey. This is how I built a female-centric company in a male-dominated industry:

Disrupt the boys’ club

Female CEOs are a rare breed and I would love to see this field grow. The lack of diversity in the industry is no secret, as only 8.3 percent of tech startups have a woman at the helm. (IB Times)

StyleHaul is unique in our space for many reasons. Because we predominantly focus on female-driven content, which was untapped before StyleHaul, we opened the door for an unexplored niche in the marketplace. This allowed StyleHaul to grow into the flourishing community it is today. Our female team is one of our competitive advantages—we have been able to develop a clear, differentiated and  relatable point of view that engages a broad female audience—we not only understand them, we are them.

For women, by women

StyleHaul is built upon the foundation that women have the power to be infinitely successful in their own right. From our office environment to our community of strong, female creators, StyleHaul empowers and supports women in achieving what is most important to them.

We foster mentorship and collaboration that allows each individual to thrive. I don’t have an office—I prefer to sit in the thick of the action— to be out on the floor with my team so at any moment I can hear what is going on—what is working and what needs to be improved. This has allowed me to have conversations and some of the most productive brainstorms with individuals from all areas of our company. That simply would never happen if I sat behind a desk all day.

StyleHaul’s product is our YouTube videos that create conversation and connection among women. Our Creators invite their community into their personal lives—giving a candid peek behind the curtain and exposing real life moments all women can relate to. This honest dialogue generates authentic, thought-provoking conversations between women. I am inspired every day by what our Creators do—I feel incredibly proud to be a part of this growing movement. Each Creator is an entrepreneur in their own right—leading and developing the next generation of female leaders.

Start a Ripple Effect

Our inclusive mindset has allowed us to steadily grow our community—reaching more and more women each day. StyleHaul gives women a voice that is amplified by the sheer size of our Creator base. With each new video, a powerful message can spread like wildfire. When young girls see an idea echoed among the role models they look up to, that’s when we can affect real change. 

Together we are stronger, our voices louder and our message more powerful. Our content creates a ripple effect that serves other women by sharing guidance and lessons from both triumphs and setbacks. Now 6,500 Creators strong, our company is disruptive, innovative, and striving towards becoming an even more impactful global force in the year ahead.

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  • Sarah Krenicki
    Sarah Krenicki Writer, Dreamer, Cat Enthusiast
    over 3 years ago New York, United States

    I love it!

    I love it!

  • Jennifer Ridgeworth
    over 3 years ago London, United Kingdom

    Very nice article. I found your words tremendously inspiring.

    Very nice article. I found your words tremendously inspiring.

  • Talia M.
    Talia M. Mogul Global Ambassador
    over 3 years ago New York, NY, United States

    Wonderfully put!! :) Thank you for your contribution!

    Wonderfully put!! :) Thank you for your contribution!

Stephanie Horbaczewski
President & CEO of StyleHaul

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Report this post

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