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Mary Joy Llanes
Mary Joy Llanes Mogul Influencer
almost 2 years Las Piñas, NCR, Philippines Story
"I tried to stop you but you never dared to step back"

"Your first love isn't the first person you give your heart to— it's the first one who breaks it"     –Lang Leav

John and I were highschool lovers, the man whom I thought would be the first and last page of my love story and just like any ordinary couples who fell in love with each other head over heels at such a young age, the thought of not seeing each other from time to time is unbearable for us that we even agreed to enter the same university in college.

Time went by so quickly and we did graduate, him with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture and I, with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Then came the day that I  will have to take a different road from him. I got a job offer from a company overseas and it was something I can't afford to loose as we were already planning of building our own family together. We plan to get married when I get back.

I went abroad full of hope, holding on to his four last words, I'll wait for you.

For almost four and and a half years, everything was perfectly fine. Things are going according to what we had planned. I only have one and a half year remaining in my contract and after that I can finally live on my greatest dream which is to marry the man who's been waiting for me long enough or so I thought, because one morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee in one of my favorite coffee shop like I always do before heading straight to work, an old man sitting right next to my table handed me his newspaper and told me he overheard me asking for it from the waitress who served me. I accepted it and thanked him and with that he left. I turn the pages of newspaper looking for nothing specific when a familiar face pop up and right there I stop, with a closer look at his face and to the woman dressed elegantly in silk gown with her left hand placed on his chest, sporting a huge opal-shaped diamond on her ring finger and the bold caption inserted underneath their photo ripped me up like an endless piece of sheet. I was paralyzed in my seat for how long I don't know. Trembling and not able to speak, I stand up, paid my bill and ran out of coffee shop with only one goal on my mind, to flew back to my hometown as soon as possible, to flew back to him. Hoping I still might be able to get there in time before his wedding.

But by the time I came back, it was already too late for an us. My hopes and expectations were shattered. I found myself crying along with the sky under the pouring rain as I stand in front of his wedding church that they just left off. I almost collapse with the thought that it was the place we vow to get married, that I was supposed to be walking this aisle and say "I do" to the man whom I'd vow to spend the rest of my life with. My world went dark. I spent the couple of months hiding from people close to me mainly because most of them are witnesses to what John and I have or better to say "had" shared over the years that we've been together.

Life is so unfair for at the time I thought I was over with the pain, I was over him, our paths crossed in the exact place where he left me broken. I walked towards him to catch a glimpse of his face for one last time with tears streaming down my face, saying, "I tried to stop you but you never dared to step back."

NOTE: This is not a true-to-life based story. I just made this up out of boredom. This is purely fictional.

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Mary Joy Llanes
Mogul Influencer

A 20-something bella on the verge of learning how to play a violin and putting into words every random thought that keeps popping into her head.

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