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I Thought I'd Never Lose My Best Friend

Our first three months of friendship were blissful. You were the first friend I made in our university. I can still vividly remember the classroom and the day we first met. We were seatmates during freshmen orientation. After talking to you for only a few minutes, I had a feeling that our friendship would last forever.

As weeks passed, we soon became partners and groupmates in all of our activities in our classes. We would hang out during lunch and other breaks, and chat with each other until midnight. Surprisingly, we had the same family background, hobbies, and even interests. We made so many plans about traveling the world after we graduate from college, making each other a bridesmaid in our weddings, and naming our future children. It was as if we were long lost sisters.

Unfortunately, there came a point in time when we ran out of things to talk about. You hung out with your new friends from our block and I felt left out. I never thought that day would come. Looks like I was wrong about how I saw our friendship the first day we talked to each other.

It has already been two years since we drifted apart and getting over what we had isn't easy. I haven't been in any romantic relationship before, but I have a feeling I already know what it feels like to go through a breakup.

They say that time heals everything and I know that I'll be healed eventually of this wound in my heart from losing you.

If I were given the chance to go back to that time before we completely drifted apart, I would tell you how I really felt and not mask my feelings behind the words "I'm fine". It looks like there's nothing I can do now for us to be as close as we were. I guess being away from you was somehow good seeing that both of us grew and matured through the new experiences we had and people we met.

Even if we grow farther apart emotionally and geographically, just as I promised you before, I will always have your back. Always.

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