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27MillionVoicesToday Millennial Woman Of Many Hats
1mo East Coast United States Story
I'm Just Saying..

When narcissistic imps want to waste anymore of my time by thinking I owe an answer to their toddler level stupidity and taunts of self important ignorance of "I'm better than you! I'm gonna compete with you!" When we aren't even in the same bracket or realm in life. Truth of the matter is to lay it out unabashedly like anyone that has a real purpose in life I care about the lives of the calling I'm in, I care about the peoples I come from, the calling on my life is higher/more important than whatever nonsense you're trying to throw at or in the way, anything less than that calling demanding my attention/time only to waste it on their toddler level crap I don't give a sh&^ hence is not worth my time. It is nothing but a waste of time, a distraction based on harassment out of insecurity or boredom, and no imp is owed that time/attention/energy which is why they usually don't have anything and people don't want to be around them for very long if at all. Decent people get away from them fast for a reason because of that obnoxious, narcopathic, arrogant, in your face attitude and waste of time idiocy. It's called priorities learn to gauge what's important and what isn't. There's people, things, and ideals worth engaging and those that just aren't. 


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Millennial Woman Of Many Hats

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual (believer), Millennial, Survivor Leader for Gender Based Violence, Violence Against the Marginalized, Violence Against Women, Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Human Trafficking. A thriver. Journalism, Collaborator, Research, Adviser, Consultant. Multi Lingual. [...]

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