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I earned over $50 in a week with survey sites

So this past week I have made an experiment. I watched people saying they are earning money online while completing surveys and I wanted to check it out. I have tried before but it was disappointing. 

However, I had extra time on my hands this past week and I decided to start to check it out one more time. And this time I was getting a little money and I got excited. I started filling out surveys and doing other activities and I have earned around $55 dollars total in a week from 2 different survey sites. Of course, that included $5 dollar sign up to inbox dollars, so it it was not all just completing surveys.

Don't think that I will keep earning that much - I was experimenting with the sites and have spend some time completing surveys that did not pay much. I also got $5 sign up reward and the reason I earned that much was that I got access to a survey that paid $25. (I also got mad because I saw I could have been paid $50 for it, but that is okay. I spent maybe 15-20min and got $25).

To summarize, I may stop doing the surveys like crazy because normally I have more work since I actually have a job and will be going be back to school. Once I am back in school, my plan is to pull out my computer in between classes and to see if I qualify (yes, not qualifying is annoying thing) for some surveys. As a student, an opportunity to spend 20mins and rate some music for $2.25 is still very good, so why not?

Do I have some tips? Yes,

1. Use/create email for surveys because they will be emailing you like crazy or you can opt out of them. However, you get some money for registering for other sites so spam email really helps.

2. if you don't want to be paid $.25 or even less for a survey that takes over 10 minutes... just don't do it.

3. You can "watch" videos and get paid (a very little amount, but still). I have laptop and a tablet and when I am on my laptop, I turn on the videos and get paid for it. It is not something I will do constantly, but currently I am doing it and not spending much time on it since I am on my laptop for that period of time anyways.

4. Currently, I am in Inbox dollars, Survey Junkie and just registered for Swag bucks. The point is if you want to complete high paying surveys, your best bet is not to rely on a single survey site. Do your research, there are a lot of survey sites out there. Some are reputable, some are not.

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