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Demi Chu
Demi Chu n. Graphophile; Believer of the Tiny White Host
7mo Philippines Story
I Can Wait For You

     Places and faces - we pass by these things on the very moments that there was no you and I. While you're probably sitting in an unknown coffee shop with black coffee in hand and some hard-to-pronounce bread on the table, I'm  probably spending my time gazing at words and counting down hours until the last handout is read. Or you might be with someone you're so in love with right now that you couldn't even fathom the thought of being with someone else... But what if that someone else is me?

     We're both on roads that we never could imagine would meet. But somewhere between intersections and left or right turns, there lies the possibility of finally having a you and me - an "us" in what we used to think does not exist. So while the days go by and the years take unexpected curves, know that I can wait for you.

    Many times, fate will tell us we're not ready. On those hours, live the life you want to live. Fall in love, break your heart, travel a lot, go on new adventures. Because there will come a time when every last piece reminds us of each other. And even if that time is not now, today or tomorrow - the thought of being with you someday (on the days that really matter) is enough.

    I'll get on with my everyday life with the knowledge that someday, I will have you as you will have me. I'll take maps of places and let them be my shelter. So when we're finally together you'll walk every street and road with me - both old and new. I'll take pictures of the seconds you were not a part of - both the bests and the worsts. So that even if you can't remember those, it will be your reminder of moments lost and of moments yet to be found; of the very moments you want to recreate. I'll take risks and break in the process because we will both know that it could never be right if it wasn't you - or in your case, if it wasn't me.

     I can wait for you. When that coffee runs cold and the memory of her becomes bitter... when the world won't stop for you and things don't seem to go your way... when the trinkets in a shop won't make you wonder or make you suddenly smile silly because you still don't have the thought of me... be patient and please wait for me.

     I can wait for you. When my books are filled with notes and not pictures of you... when my phone is not filled with missed calls and messages from you... when all I have is a blank image of you... when there is no one to talk to about my demons... when there can only be flickers of light on the longest nights... I'll be patient and will wait for you.

     We may be lost but I promise we'll lead each other home.

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Report this post
Demi Chu
n. Graphophile; Believer of the Tiny White Host

Working for that 98¾ guarantee. Instagram: @demicchu

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