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I am Empowered

Power is a scary thing in the hands of certain individuals. No. I’m not going to be writing a political post. I am said scary person who has just been empowered in the most unsuspecting way.

Let me enlighten you.

In my last post, Ode To A Mama Who Just Had Her 2nd Baby, I was really impressed with my niece’s attitude after having her baby.

And in the comments section of this post, a fellow blogger,WebMDiva, who rocks by the way, made this comment, “Her Snapchat caption life!” and something magical happened inside my little SAHM head.  I jokingly responded, “Thank you. Yeah you can pretty much sub in anything for “popped out a baby” and it still is a rockin message.

Just replied to a comment on my blog bitch. Look at me now!- Yeah.. that feels right.”

And it did feel right. And the more I thought about it, the more right it felt.

See, the truth is, I have been struggling a bit. 

See what I've been struggling with, and how I have turned it into a kick ass empowering message by clicking here. 

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