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How to Watch Netflix Outside The USA

For those who live outside America and want to watch Netflix outside The USA, it's pretty easy. All you need is a VPN. For those who are waiting for Netflix to open up to countries other than the USA (and Canada for some part), good luck. I think you'll be waiting for quite a while. Netflix has a lot of distribution contracts, copyright law, and piracy issues to worry about. They're already making millions off the American market, so I doubt that any time in the near future that they'll expand to The UK, Australia, or any other country.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a bit of software (ok, it's not really software, but I'm not sure how to classify it) that allows you to change you IP address. In this case, we want an American IP address. A Canadian IP address would get you hooked up to the Canadian Netflix, but the Canadian Netflix has a significantly smaller library of movies and television shows than the American version. If we're going to change our IP address, there no reason to go for the gold and get an American one - they cost the same anyway.

When you connect to the VPN, your data is coded and tunneled to the VPN server in America, and then (still encrypted and tunneled) sent to the Netflix site. When they see your request to stream video, they don't see your actual IP address or data, they just see what the VPN server provides them with. You can then stream video from Netflix. This is the basic idea how you watch Netflix outside The USA.

There's not much to do beyond that. Besides the fact that proxies don't actually work anymore, VPN's provide a number of advantages over proxies. When you use a VPN, you don't have to go to you VPN providers site works well on Netflix and type the URL into anything. Once you're connected to the VPN (takes about 30 seconds or less), you just surf the Internet as you usually would.

A bonus of having a VPN for Netflix 

Aside from that, they also provide a higher level of security than proxies do. Though you may not have thought about it, if you're connecting to a public Internet zone, like in a cafe, a lot of your data is at risk, and a VPN (by encrypting your data) makes you virtually invisible to anyone who is also connecting to the same signal. Millions of people every year have data stolen like this, and in some cases terrible things can happen like bank accounts passwords and credit card data can be stolen. This is probably not a problem for you, as most people are going to be at home while they watch Netflix outside America, but still, it's another plus of using a VPN.

Easy Peasy

Download and setup doesn't need to be discussed because it is so easy. Most sites will give you detailed instructions, but they're ridiculously simple. In maybe ten steps of VPN setup, 50% will be, "wait for install to finish", or "click the next button". A decent VPN will cost you anywhere from five to fifteen dollars, but if you want to watch Netflix outside the USA I would suggest not to get something too cheap. The few dollars you save every month will be seen in the buffering time and connection drops that are common among bad quality VPN's.

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