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almost 2 years Story
How to Vacuum a Shag Rug?

Shag rugs are back in vogue. With their fluffiness and warm feel, they are a must have in every household today. But the fact of the matter is that they gather dust, and dirt, and a whole lot of it. Rugs behave like sponges, absorbing everything in their vicinity.

So if you bring in your soiled shoes, or there's a lot of dust around the house, be prepared for a hell load of work in cleaning the rug afterwards.

But the truth is the cleaner and well kept your shag rugs are, the more is their longevity.

And it is always better to vacuum them instead of dusting them away because the vacuum cleaner will suck all the dust away while brooming and dusting the rug will only make it worse as the dust will resettle again on the rug, bringing back everything to square one.

What type of Vacuum Cleaner is Right For You to Vacuum a Shag Rug?

Ordinary vacuum cleaners come with thick bristle roller brushes - it's not that great when it comes to clean hard flooring. You don't have the wheels of these vacuum cleaners padded, and it can leave scratches while maneuvering.

What you need is a specialized vacuum to clean hard flooring.

The ordinary vacuum doesn't give you the control you need when you clean a hard floor. For one, the beater brushes can be switched off if you purchase a specialized hard floor vacuum.

Added features like adjusting the suction, dual power buttons, padded wheels, and necessary attachments are the demarcating points between an ordinary hard floor vacuum and the correct choice hard floor vacuum.

It is important to differentiate the two operations of a vacuum cleaner – wet and dry operation and understand that removing dirt that gets accumulated on a carpet or area rug is very different from the dirt that gets accumulated on the hard floor. 

Hence the vacuum technology becomes very important and specialized hard floor vacuum cleaners have this added advantage of technology.

All You Need to Know on How to Vacuum Shag Rug

Here is the Best Way to Vacuum a Shag Rug.

Step 1- Make sure to clean the floor after you're done with the vacuuming. That way, you won't require two drills of cleaning and re cleaning when the dust and the particles are scattered off.

Step 2- Always vacate the vacuum bag before the rug has to be cleaned. This will reduce the load on the vacuum and enhance the efficiency and prevent any over heating of the equipment.

Step 3- Make sure to remove all larger objects before you start vacuuming, because you only want to clean up the dust. The little toys or large chunks of debris can choke the vacuum and hinder the cleaning process.

Step 4- Choose the correct setting or attachment on the vacuum.

Stpe 5- You need to note that vacuuming a shag rug is a two step process. So a powerful setting followed by a finer, milder one will do the needful.

Step 6- First target the posterior or ventral side of the rug and you need to flip the rug over in order to do that. Then start vacuuming here.

Step 7- The posterior part of the rug needs to be cleaned with the powerful setting. And make sure to put something heavy on the rug edges to prevent them from flipping up.

Step 8- Always use proper movements and avoid letting the shag surface being sucked by the power head of the vacuum.

Step 9- Now that you're done, roll the rug and keep it separately in a corner.

Now is the time to clean up the floor underneath the rug.

Step 10- The second phase of the rug cleaning will now commence. So use a smaller vacuum attachment to fine tune the rug and remove the smaller debris and dust particles.

That is all that you need to do.

The Other Tips to Help You

Make sure to not damage your rug due to too much suction pressure. You don't want the fibres to lose out on their integrity.

Don't forget - always read the instruction manual carefully before you start with the vacuuming process. And remember, the better cleaning you do, the more your rug shall stay.

Recommendation: There are many vaccum cleaner brands & models available on the market like Shark, Dyson etc. HV301 is a popular model by Shark that can be considered to clean your carpet effectively.

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